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Sampling Products to Bed & Breakfasts Reap Immediate Results for Consumer Goods Companies: American Historic Inns, Inc. brings consumer goods companies to over 19,000 bed & breakfasts and country inns throughout the US.

American Historic Inns, Inc., (AHI) publisher of more than 2.5 million bed & breakfast guidebooks and owner of leading bed & breakfast website, has officially announced that they have created a product sampling and promotions department. The department will aggressively seek consumer goods companies to share their products with inns across the country.

AHI has been asked by several major consumer goods companies including Nestle, Nabisco, Bic, Tylenol, MinuteMaid Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste, Taster’s Choice, and Senseo Coffee to share their products with bed & breakfast visitors. AHI has used their 24 years of relationships with innkeepers to enroll them and manage sampling programs. The success and growing demand for sampling programs and promotions surrounding the bed & breakfast industry has led AHI company owner and President Deborah Sakach to dedicate full-time resources to this pursuit.

Research indicates that AHI’s sampling programs have resulted in a 94% trial, as B&Bs offer a non-assuming, comfortable environment that inspires visitors to explore their surroundings. “Inn visitors love to take in their surroundings and savor the moment, this includes enjoying the ambiance and all of the amenities presented to them,” says Sakach.

Most appealing to consumer goods companies are the demographics for the average B&B visitor:

Average B&B guest:

  • 93 % have attended college, graduated or earned a post-graduate degree

  • 48% have a household income in excess of $95,000

  • 77% are between 25-54 years of age

  • Inn guests travel primarily as couples

  • Primary activities are dining out, sightseeing, exploring, hiking, shopping, and relaxing.

  • 50% are leisure travelers

Consumer goods companies have reported an increase in sales following sampling programs to B&Bs. “The first year of our participation in AHI’s sampling program has resulted in a 14% increase in our natural toothpaste sales and most importantly will have long-lasting results for our company,” says Erika Haas of Tom’s of Maine.

 AHI’s promotions and sampling department also works with consumer goods companies on their in-store promotions with such programs as Buy-One-Night-Get-One-Night Free in pack promotions, incentive programs, custom tie-ins and customer loyalty/rewards programs.

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