Reader's Holiday - 7 Books in 7 Days


7 Books in 7 Days for $700  -  a Reader's Holiday Promotion
We love this package invented by Lynn Moore of Illinois' Irish Inn, and would like to find more inns willing to offer this. Let us know and we'll offer it in a press piece. Here's a story about the package that Lynn sent.
"Several nurses have taken advantage of our Reader’s Holiday where we offer them the chance to read 7 Books in 7 Days for $700, all-inclusive.  One visitor came down from Chicago to Carbondale on Amtrak, and she happened to be a Head Nurse in an over-crowded public hospital in Chicago.  She said she either had to come to the forest or check into the hospital herself!  When we picked her up at the Amtrak she could barely walk.  The Irish Inn is an Amtrak rail partner, so we provide transport to and from the train station.  She did not want to rent a car or go any further than our pond or take walks in the forest and eat home-cooked meals.  The first two days she didn’t leave her bedroom.  The next two, she sun-bathed and read on our decks, and by the fifth day she was trekking into the forest and reading for hours down in the canyons or up on bluffs.  By the time she left on the seventh day, she had read the seven books we selected for her and one more!  She said one week in the Shawnee National Forest kept her sanity and restored her physical health.  Many nurses come to The Irish for renewal."
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