20% Increase with 54 Books

Inns on Cover of America's Best-Selling B&B Book Prosper

How the Butler House Used the Bed & Breakfast and Country Inns Book with Their Inn on the Cover

Marcia held her breath and orderd 54 books ($594) with her inn on the cover
Then she created 2-Night packages with the new Butler House - iLoveInns B&B Book as part of the package and advertised a Free Book when guests chose a two-night stay. (First of all, you have to know Marcia. She is never afraid to give anything away and this includes surprise dishes of ice cream or inviting guests to summertime family parties.
"We noticed guests always asking about price, unlilke other years. So we decided we need a package and added the guidebook as a Free gift for two-night stays. For spring we offered 15% and 20% off midweek with the 2 nights and included the Bed & Breakfast and Country Inns book with our inn on the cover. 
"We knew people wouldn't throw out a book and that it would stay around their house for a couple of years. We were right and discovered more and more people who called the inn said their friends had brought the book into their office and that's how they learned about us!  When we gave them the book, our guests were so appreciative they wanted to help promote us."
Innkeeper Gets 51 New Guests in Winter in Canada
D Paterson wrote, "I just had to write and let iLoveInns.com know how great your Buy-One-Night-Get-the Second-Night Free Program is to attract visitors to my Bed and Breakfast, and my community. It brought in 51 bookings during WINTER!!! Some people came just once and re-booked for the summer and others came back two and three times during the winter. There were no negatives to giving away the second night, the returns were more than positive. Thank you for all the great marketing ideas and your continued efforts to support the B&Bs and Inns across North America!!!"
For the past five years we have offered innkeepers who participate in the Buy-One-Night-Get-the-Second--Night-Free book, (Bed & Breakfasts and Country Inns) the opportunity to purchase books with their inn on the cover. Take a look at this Amazon.com link to see this year's example the book cover.
"Solves All My Requests for Room Donations"
Castle Inn reports. "The books are fabulous and have increased our bookings!!! I use them a lot for donations. Being asked about ten times a week to donate a free room to the various charities, this is a way to turn a negative into a positive and make a profit at the same time!" Jeanne Shaw - Castle Inn Bed & Breakfast  (She just gives a book for the donation, with her inn on the cover and the charities are thrilled to be able to offer the book with a local inn on it.)
"We are having a record-breaking summer and I feel it is due to the iLoveInns book we are offering on our website for FREE if they stay two nights. It worked so well in the Winter months and Spring, we decided to continue in the Summer months, too." Brenda Miller, Scottish Bed & Breakfast

Past Book Covers
Great for Donation Requests
Use our book with the certificate when you are approached to donate a  free night's stay at your inn for local fundraisers or charity events. You can  contribute to the event and at the same time you will be compensated for one  night and only donating the second night. The recipient must make a
request  for the free night during the times you have outlined in the book. And you  present a beautiful gift with a picture of your inn on the cover that becomes  the talk of the event!
You Benefit in Many Ways

First You Make a Profit

We are offering a wholesale discount of 50% or more off the $24.95 cover price. Wholesale discounts like these are usually reserved for large vendors such as Borders, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The quantities you can order, the price structure, and the net profit you receive when you sell books is as follows:

 As in the past five years, depending  on the quantity ordered, we are offering a wholesale discount of 50% or more  off the $24.95 cover price. Wholesale discounts like these are usually  reserved for large vendors such as Borders, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The  quantities you can order, the price structure, and the net profit you receive  when you sell books is as follows:
        Books           Cost  Each         Retail  Price       Net Profit*
       36  books        $13                     $24.95                  $468.00
       54  books        $12                     $24.95                  $648.00
       72  books        $11                     $24.95                  $792.00
     108  books        $10                     $24.95                 $1080.00
     144 books         $9.25                 $24.95                  $1332.00
For orders of 198+ books, please call for pricing. *Shipping costs  are separate around $1-$2 per book, depending on shipping zone. If  you would like to join the program and order books with your inn photo on the  cover, here is the order form:

PLUS you get all the publicity free!
If you are not a current participating BOGO member or would like to change your participation dates please download the following form and fax back to our office. BOGO FORM

Fax (949) 481-3796

Order Form

Here's what we have been able to achieve with problem photos. Our Cover Designer is an award-winning designer so he knows how to correct many photographic flaws.

Before and After Inn Photos

You will receive your books in October this year, just in time for  Christmas shopping. The Free-Night Certificate enclosed in the book expires on Dec. 31, 2013.  For any books that you have not sold by next September 2013, we will send a free-standing certificate good until the end of 2014 so that you can continue to sell your books.

  More Benefits to Your Inn

  • Your guests remember their experience every time they see your inn on their coffee table or desk
  • The book makes an excellent gift to your governor, city officials, bankers, businesses.
  • Your investment is a welcome addition to your gift shop
  • You generate extra revenue when you sell at historic house tours, tea parties, wedding guests
  • Travelers to your city can see your inn in your local bookstore, antique shops, Chamber of Commerce
You have a most prestigious calling card for sales calls to businesses in your area. Give your guests the thrill of seeing your inn on the cover of a nationally-distributed bed and breakfast guide.

 Instead  of it costing you, you will make a profit when half of your books are  sold!