Gain New Guests with the iLoveInns Gift Certificate

All you have to do is take the reservation! We do the marketing and advertising and we pay for the processing of credit cards. Our 10% commission is only charged on the amount of the certificate once redeemed. Most reservations add up to more than the amount of the certificate and you keep 100% of that additional amount. Other B&B sites such as Bed & charge 15%!

Click to see sample gift certificate participants and the GC icon.

 iLoveInns Gift Certificates are EASY to Redeem and Quick to pay.

4 EASY STEPS TO JOIN --- Can take as little as 15 seconds if you remember your user name and password *

1. Click here and log in
2. Click Gift Certificate Sign Up
3. Read terms and conditions and click 'Yes', I accept terms of the gift certificate agreement.
4. Click SUBMIT.

Now refresh your listing and you'll see the GC icon added to your listing!!! You are signed up.

*(or call 949-481-7276 to get signed up over the phone)


1. Log in to Innkeeper Editor 
2. Participant innkeepers see:

    Gift Certificates:
    • Verify/Redeem A Certificate (Click on this one)
    • My Certificate History
    • Gift Certificate Terms
    • Please Remove

3. Fill in Certificate Code and Order Number (found on the guest’s Gift Certificate)

Please feel free to call or email Jamee if you have any questions:) 949-481-7276 or

"Thanks for having such a great site and helping to promote us!! we've been getting a great response from the gift certificates!"
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