What is a Blog?


One of the things that is so amazing about blogs is their simplicity.­

Think about a "normal Web site." It usually has a home page, with links to lots of sub-pages that have more detail.

A blog is much simpler:

  • A blog is normally a single page of entries. There may be archives of older entries, but the "main page" of a blog is all anyone really cares about.
  • A blog is organized in reverse-chronological order, from most recent entry to least recent.
  • A blog is normally public -- the whole world can see it.
  • Basically, a blog is a lot like an online journal or diary. The author can talk about anything and everything. Many blogs are full of interesting links that the author has found. Blogs often contain stories or little snippets of information that are interesting to the author. 

ILoveInns wants to help and assist in encouraging social networking and setting a good standard of the levels of Blogs.

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