Buy-One-Night-Get-One-Night-Free Certificate Comment


 Gifts for Stressed Out Friends
We use for office incentives, gifts for stressed out friends, and used for Yankee Swaps at the holidays ($20 gift exchange at parties)  - it’s the gift that keeps on giving.” 
-Kerry Kenney
Wells, Maine

 Stocking Stuffers
I've enjoyed using the free night certificates for many years. They’re just so great to use as stocking stuffers!!”
-Deborah Shoemaker
Columbia , SC

Monmouth Plantation
Natchez, MS

Took Grandma Out of Assisted Living to B&B
“We have been using the Buy-One-Night-Get-One-Night Free certificate for years.  Just took trip with my 90-year-old grandma and she had such a good time she couldn’t believe it!!   Grandma lives in assisted living, and we took her to 2 different  inns and she had a ball! In my opinion, you can’t beat buy one get one free. Definitely can’t get a good hotel for that price.”
-Lisa Boza
Plantation , FL

Love it!
“Love it!. Every year we order and we can't wait to decide how many we can stay at.  I really wish we used the Free Night certificate even more often!”
-Rennee Pagel
Camorio , CA

Reasonably Priced Gifts
“Have been buying for several years now. Ordered 6 for parents, inlaws and brothers. They make great gifts becuase they are so reasonably priced”.

What a Great Deal
“Great deal when we stay at a B&B. . We’ve  been ordering for years and have stayed at many lovely inns!!”.
-John Mackey
Stroudsburg , PA

Makes Good Honymoons
“I absolutely love the Free Night!  Showed to daughter-in-law to see if they would order and she wanted it right away.  They love it too and used it on honeymoon. Toured through New England and they had a wonderful time.” -Linda Borio
Somers , CT.

“I think it’s a good value for themoney and allows us to get away for 2 nights cheaper at beautiful inns. Have gone back to the same inn a couple of times.  Definitely able to get away for less money.”
-Ken Kimmage
Morgantown , PA

Inn at 2920
Baltimore, MD

Belhurst Castle
Geneva, NY

Basin Harbor Club
Vergennes, VT

I Travel More Because of the Free Night
“I really enjoy bed & breakfasts, and this program exposes us to new ones to try. But we also love re-visiting the ones we have already stayed at.  Such a nice offer that it allows me to travel more than I would otherwise. “ Alda -Cummings
Oakland , CA

Absolutely Wonderful

“I absolutely love it!   Used at favorite B&B and also had an amazing getaway in January and the certificate made it all that much better.” 
-April Walker
Lehighton , PA

iLoveInns Junkies
“I guess you could say we're iLoveInn junkies. The best place of all is the Blue Lantern Inn in Dana Point .”
-Laura Brinn
Eugene , Or

10 Year Fan

“My husband and I have been enjoying the books for 10 years!”
-Noreen Rodrigue
Bronxville, N. Y.

Unique Stays Since Leaving the Hotel World

“Many  years ago I  was staying at a hotel and the noise was so bad, a party going on, I decided to try bed & breakfasts and bought my first 4 Free Night books.  Now, 20 years later, I have had many nice experiences, nice meals, and  many unique accommodations, even staying in a train car!  Some inns are on the lake and I enjoys fishing. I’ve even had innkeepers fix the fish for me that I’ve caught.  B&Bs on the lake are a lot of fun.  I also give books as gifts.
-Michelle Clifton

Undiscovered Inns
“I’ve  been purchasing books for 8-10 years.  They provide an opportunity to try new inns in new areas.  Every year I  add a new inn!”
-Irene Yutkin
Cocoa , FL

Great Gifts
“I’ve been buying these for 6-7 years. They are a gift that everyone enjoys! I’ve enjoyed every inn I’ve visited.”  -Bobbie T.
Lodi , Oh.

Send Me Eight
“I’m ordering eight books today. We’ve been using your books for a long time –  the free night helps us a lot. We first started when we drove around looking for colleges for our kids. It gave us a great opportunity to really see our country in ways we would not have if we stayed at hotels and motes. It’s a lot of fun and you have some wonderful properties. We also give them as gifts and everyone is thrilled.
-Mark Burke
Cambridge , Mass.

Budget Booster
Over the years my wife and I have used your B&B and Country inns book to choose a great getaway for two nights for the price of one. We love the inns you have selected and we enjoy saving money, because we have very little funds for special times.  Thus a two night stay for the price of one is just the thing! I like giving these books to my wife so she can once again choose the “special place” we will go for a two-night getaway.. Homer G. -Allen
Ossipee NH

Love It
“We love our B&B books so much that we’ve given two away for Christmas and as a hostess gift. We’ve used one for ourselves already and we need more to enjoy! I am sending a copy of my fall order Please send us three more.”
-Barbara Matthews
Castle Rock, Colorado

Does Great in our Store
"The Bed & Breakfast and Country Inns book has been great for our store. When purchasing something, we often do not know whether something will sell or not. This product surprised us - our customers love the B&B books, browse through them and purchase them.  Please send us another order."
-Shirley B.
New York

Fabulous Bed & Breakfast Guide
“Not only is this book good because of the free night certificate, but it’s a great reference. In fact, it’s the best bed and breakfast guide out and I’ve seen a lot of them. I recommend the book to everyone. I’ll be using the certificate for the free night at three of the inns we are visiting on our Texas trip in October. Although the certificate is something we love and always use, 99% of the time we simply use it as our reference book for reliable bed and breakfasts. 
-Max Bailey
Applegate , Calif.

Great Savings
“We love this book! Everytime we have an anniversary our plan is to use this book and choose a getaway. We make sure we have the book by November. We know wel’ll use it and we also use it for all our trips. For instance, we’re planning our Williamsburg trip right now. We always get their best room. Every bed and breakfast is highly recommended.
-Cindy O’Neil
Warwick NY