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See What Travelers Say About our Buy-One-Night-Get-One-Night-Free Promotion

"Our office went crazy over this book. The quality of the inns and the quality of the book is phenomenal! Send us 52 books." M.B., Westport, Conn.

 "We have bought the American Historic Bed and Breakfast books for the past 10 years - possibly longer.  We just love them and have gotten a few of our friends hooked on them also.  We have visited many states  we wouldn't have without the free night certificate and it makes a great getaway with friends more enjoyable not having to worry about paying for a second night or where to go for breakfast.  We have met many  interesting people at the different inns we have stayed in and look forward to many more years of touring the US with our B&B books." Pat Johnson, St. Louis, MO


 "We have recently used our first One Night Free Certificate and we were so pleased.  We stayed in Galveston, Texas and the stay was delightful due to a gracious hostess and beautiful accommodations. I have already ordered 3 books for next year and am recommending your website to friends. Thanks again for great service!"  Jo Ann Printy

 "I'm ordering three new books. We've never stayed in one we didn't like that was in your book." M.R., Dallas, Texas

"I have used the Buy-One-Night-Get-One-Night FREE certificate 135 times. I've saved around $19,000 since 1991 when I first discovered this program. We've stayed at great B&Bs in Virginia, Tenn., Calif, Wash., Ore., Maine, Ohio, so many places. We take all our vacations and trips with the Free Night Certificate. We always travel this way!!" David Dryer, Kansas City, Missouri

"Thanks! Do we love your B&B offer? You betcha! The luxury of getting a two-day vacation for the cost of one is Christmas in July for sure. Keep up the good work."  R.R., Grapevine, Texas


"We order at least 3 books every year and plan our annual jaunt to

Florida only with your book! We have discovered some fabulous places. It sounds too good to be true until you actually stay with the coupon and find out you are paying half of what others pay. Also love to give them to friends!"   Pat M. , N.J.

"The Buy One Get One Free night program is just awesome! We love B and B's." A.G.N., N.H.

"This is a great promotion. My wife and I booked two inns in Maine. We'll have a four-day vacation for the cost of two days (we each got a copy of the Free Nights/CVS promotion booklet.)" B.C., New York, N.Y.


"I’m ordering eight books today. We’ve been using your books for a long time –  the free night helps us a lot. We first started when we drove around looking for colleges for our kids. It gave us a great opportunity to really see our country in ways we would not have if we stayed at hotels and motels. It’s a lot of fun. You have some wonderful properties. We also give them as gifts and everyone is thrilled."  Mark Burke, Cambridge,




"I hope you keep putting this book out so we can keep up our inn habit. Make sure we're on your mailing list."
D.R. S., Rogers, Ark.

"Not only is this book good because of the free night certificate, but it’s a great reference. In fact, it’s the best bed and breakfast guide out and I’ve seen a lot of them. I recommend the book to everyone. I’ll be using the certificate for the free night at three of the inns we are visiting on our


Texas trip in October. Although the certificate is something we always use, 99% of the time we simply use it as our reference book for reliable bed and breakfasts."  Max Bailey

"We love this book! Everytime we have an anniversary oup plan is to use this book and choose a getaway. We make sure we have the book by November. We know wel’ll use it and we also use it for all our trips. For instance, we’re planning our Williamsburg trip right now. We always get their best room. Every bed and breakfast is highly recommended."   C. O’Neil,

Warwick, New York

"I love your free night stay rewards program in your book.  My friends and I have all found that if you call ahead, the innkeepers will honor the free night stay if they have availability even if it falls outside of the published available dates.  It is a great way to see some very high end inns at an affordable rate and makes your book a must own at least two copies book!" Rhonda Bergeron, President/Owner, E*magine Public Relations

"After 44 years, it's hard to come up with something new. I took him for two days as an early Christmas gift. It was so delightful! In the middle of hustle and bustle we found a peaceful time to enjoy."  B.F., Palm Harbor, Fla.

"A great and a wonderful offer that I'm glad I took advantage of." D.A., Wayne, N.J.


"Thank you for offering this special! It allowed us to get away even on a tight budget."  D.L., Pittsburgh, PA.


"The one night free is such a treat to let us see America and sample places. That way we will return. I would like to help my family and friends to take advantage of such a special."  M.W.

"Fantastic- a much needed escape for us!"  R.G., Beverly, MA.

"This made our vacation a lot more reasonable. We got the best room in a beautiful top-drawer inn for half the price."
L.A., Irvine, CA.


"I purchased two guides with Free Nights promotion from CVS and was advised they had no more guides for B&B. I'm writing to you at American Historic Inns for one. Enclosed is my receipt."  A.O.B., N.Y.


"Please keep this offer going. It's the greatest." L.C., Rochester, N.Y.


"How can I get a copy of the "Buy One Get One Free Night" book? I know the promotion is over but my friend showed me his and it looks pretty neat!"  L.W., CT


"This is a great book. How can I get another one for a trip we want to make?" New Hope, PA

"This is a really good offer. My Grandmother got it for me because she knows we love to go to B&Bs."  New Jersey guest

 "We love our B&B books so much that we've given (of the 3 ordered) one for Christmas, one for our use and another as a hostess gift.  We need more to enjoy! Please send us 3 more." Barbara Mathews, Castle Rock, CO


"What a wonderful gift I received last year for Christmas!  Your book and certificates have been so enjoyable!  I picked out three inns in 2008 and loved them all.  The book is at the top of my list this year as a Christmas present!  I can't wait to plan my next get-away.   You have found a way to make many people very happy with your B&B book and B1G1F night certificates!  I have also found that some of the B&B's are willing to bend the rules on their certificates.  We can't always travel exactly when the restrictions stated, so I asked and was pleased that they were quite nice about accommodating my request.  Thank you bunches!"


 “I have been using these books for 10 years to travel all over the U.S. and Canada. It’s the first place we go when we are planning our trips. One year we stayed in 38 B&Bs and have been to 125 or more. They are such happy, joyful experiences. Once you travel this way you don’t want to travel any other way!” Camilla B., Florida


 “Over the years my wife and I have used your B&B and Country Inns book to choose a great getaway for two nights for the price of one. We love the inns you have selected and we enjoy saving money, because we have very little funds for special times.  Thus a two night stay for the price of one is just the thing! I like giving these books to my wife so she can once again choose the “special place” we will go for a two-night getaway.” Homer G. Allen, Ossipee, NH


My husband and I really love this book. We’ve used it for six years and have stayed in inns all around Minn., Wisc. and also in Arizona. I gave one as a gift at Christmas and just yesterday – in August, my friend called to say, “I can’t believe what a gift you’ve given us! I didn’t realize there was a free night certificate with it. We’re going to use it in November for our anniversary.” Suzanne G., Minn


I ordered 10-12 books at the beginning of the year. This book with its free night certificate makes excellent wedding and anniversary gifts. I give them to my friends along with a check for $50. If they throw in the next $50 and use the free night certificate in the book, they’re only paying $50 for a two night stay at an inn. I’ve got 3 more friends with anniversaries coming up so I’m ordering 4 more books. “ Jill E.

I saw American Historic Inns on  Their Bed & Breakfast and Country Inns book has a free night. I’ve traveled around the world and this was the first time I tried a bed and breakfast. I stayed at Federal Crest right downtown in the historic district in Lynchburg Virginia and it was definitely a great experience. I was met and greeted by the proprietor and offered tea. It was very pleasant. I’ve already got two other inns lined up now, one in Williamsburg and one in Charlottesville. While I was at the inn I met a couple who exclusively stay at country inns when they travel.” Carol H

I’ve used these books for years. It’s a wonderful program and we’ve taken many trips we wouldn’t have because of the free night certificate that is in the book.” Michele F., Michigan

It’s a fantastic book. I’ve told several friends and I’ve used the book’s Free night certificate at great B&Bs in Cedarburg and Green Bay, Wisconsin. I’m planning to purchase them for my family at Christmastime. Sharon H., Milwaukee, Wisc.