Worked at a Corporate Company


Victoria Kolyvas



I am 60 years old, Took Early Retirement after working 30 years with the same company – April 1, 2005. Purchased my inn in May of 2005.


Happy to share what they need. Previous salary roughly $80,000/yr … actually more, but I don’t remember the number. I’ll have to find this info for you.


Current salary =$0, but I have a roof over my head, food on my table, phone & gas paid for by the business. And a small pension to keep me going and to provide my medical benefits.




Worked at a Corporate Company


Kathryn & Peter Sullivan


Peter's date of birth is August 1, 1961 Kathryn's date of birth is October 21, 1966. We both left our careers in 2001-2002. My previous salary from 2001 as a government employee still doesn't match our annual self employed income! We are first time entrepreneurs.




Worked as a Businessman


Tom Hutcheson and Kris Hutcheson


My name is Tom Hutcheson and I just left a business I started in Denver of 25 years. I am 57 and my wife and I just started the Horse Stamp Inn and  this is our first venture as innkeepers. The inn is located near the coast of Georgia - boy talking about a life style change!





Worked at a Corporate Company


Ros Bruno


I have recently left corporate life to become an inn owner and believe I may fit your criteria. Certainly, I'm always looking for new ways to publicize my inn, which I think is pretty spectacular. My guests apparently think so too as I have had excellent guest reviews since taking over this already established business in November of 2011.


After 15 years in a high level management position at a Fortune 100 financial services company, I left 9 months ago to buy the Whistling Swan Inn. My former salary was approximately $160K with bonuses, profit sharing, etc. As the owner/innkeeper I do not draw a salary yet, but I think I'm working for minimum wage (LOL). The decision was based on a desire for a lifestyle change and an opportunity to do something meaningful instead of retiring to Florida where I will not play golf.


I'm well over 45 (actually 58, but I try not to publicize it). The attached photo is of my husband, Tom, and me, although I think I look better in person. Projected sales will be approximately $300K for 2012.




No Details Provided


Mark and Sharon Piper


No Story Attached



Description: C:\Users\Valerie\Downloads\Susan and Kim Egelseer.jpgWorked at a Corporate Company


Kim and Susan Egelseer


I am 55 years old.  Left “Corporate America” in 2003 to become an innkeeper/owner which is entirely different than what I did in my corporate life.


Financials can be shared depending upon the story line.  I am a first time entrepreneur.


Worked as a Sales Manager at Georgia Pacific


Kathy Cray


When she left she made just over $200 k and had more than 600,000 airline miles (holy!). Today as innkeeper she makes approx. $60,000, works nearly 7 days a week and is likely busier than she’s ever been in her life. On the upside (there are many upsides), she married her co-innkeeper John Cray, lives here in Grafton, organizes all our weddings (20+/year) so as a result is creating happiness all the time;  and knows what bed she’s been sleeping in each night (i.e., no more crazy travel).


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Worked as a business executive


John and Susan Muldoon


Susan and John Muldoon purchased the Vandiver Inn, Havre de Grace, MD, in 2002.  At the time, they had essentially no hospitality experience.  John was an executive specializing in business development and marketing for small high-tech companies and start-up efforts within larger companies. Shortly before leaving tech altogether for innkeeping, John worked with some very small internet start-ups.  When they bought the Inn, Susan was working at a Senior Director for Changing Our World, Inc., the fastest growing national non-profit consulting firm (helping design and implement strategic fund-rasing campaigns for a variety of non-profit organizations) at the time.   Susan was able to keep a part-time Director position with Changing Our World for 5 years after purchasing the Inn.  She not only commuted between Havre de Grace, MD and Washington, DC in that role at least three days a week, but she also worked as innkeeper and the Vandiver's chef for its growing event business, specifically weddings and corporate retreats.  In 2007, Susan finally left the corporate world completely behind to concentrate her efforts fully on the Inn.  By that time, the Inn was hosting nearly 60 weddings per year and over a 100 total events.


John Muldoon is 47, Susan is 46.  They have been married for 22 years and have a 13 year-old son, Jack, and a Black Lab/Beagle mix from Lab Rescue named Hannah.  Susan is a self taught chef with a business degree from Cornell University, and John holds a business degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  While they have worked for a variety of Inc. 500 and Fortune 500 companies, the Vandiver is their first role as owner and operator.  As they have stated tongue in cheek, "..if we're going to be broke, we're going to do it in our own terms!..."  Leaving "corporate America" at the time meant cashing in some stock and 401ks they had been able to start to build, selling their house in the Philadelphia suburbs, and walking away from salaries that averaged in the low six-digits.


Vandiver Inn was purchased by John & Susan Muldoon in March of 2002.   The Vandiver Inn had operated as traditional bed & breakfast since 1987, but John and Susan successfully implemented a strategy to reposition the Vandiver as one of the Northeast Corridor’s premier Boutique Lodging & Event Centers.   The Inn provides 19 beautiful guest rooms, featuring eco-friendly fireplaces, jacuzzis, memory foam mattresses, flat screen TV, complimentary wirless and many more amenities.   The business provides the charm of a country inn with the style of a downtown boutique hotel.  Vandiver has hosted military dignitaries from France, Great Britain, Sweden, Australia and Germany, meetings for NATO, The National Academies of Science and host of local and Fortune 500 executive meetings.  It's wedding business is recognized regionally as a premier wedding facility on national websites such as and and enjoys preferred ratings on other travel sites, such TripAdvidor.  The Vandiver was named as one of "Free State's Finest" bed and breakfasts in 2012 by the readers of Maryland Life magazine.


Quadrupling of Gross Annual Revenue since its purchase ($300K to $1.2M). 12% Annual Average Growth Rate. Vandiver is a Profitable Concern. Growth of wedding business from 9 weddings to apx. 70 per year.



Worked as a Vice President of Business Operations


I am soon to be 60 years old and my husband (Kris) is soon to be 65. We have been married for 41 years (Aug. 28) and his is our first business and the first time we've worked together.


My husband and I purchased an 1886 Victorian in 2005 and opened it as The Inn at Onancock in 2007. Prior to this venture, we both worked in the DC area until we retired. My husband worked at the US Fish and Wildlife Service for 35 years and I worked in PR and Marketing from 1991 until 2004 ending my career as a VP of business operations in a nonprofit in DC. Before that I worked as a cook and chef in various places as we moved around the country for Kris' work.


Description: C:\Users\Valerie\Downloads\2012-08-09 Bill n Sheila in kitchen at Coppertoppe3.JPGWorked at a Corporate Company


Sheila Oranch


Turning 65 this year. Started 2004 so it is 8 years now. Is that too long? Willing to share financials if we qualify otherwise. First time starting a stand-alone business that supports us. Prior part-time consulting moonlighting from regular jobs never graduated to officially filed businesses.

No info given


Randy Bishop


Left 17 years ago, innkeeper and Mayor of Township



Description: C:\Users\Valerie\Downloads\Razor_walk.jpgWorked as a Police Cheif of Largo Florida


Lester and Diane Aradi


Will be 61 years old this September. Retired as the Police Chief of Largo Florida (Chief Executive Officer of a police department with 126 sworn officers and a total staff of over 200, serving a population of over 75,000 residents with an annual budget of over $16,000,000.00 ).


Annual Salary of $116,000.00 plus various benefits.  Current Salary is $0 (as our Bed & Breakfast is slowly paying back start up loans), Last year gross sales were $10,000.00. Our 2012 projection will be gross sales around $14,000.00


This is my first time being self employed.


After a 36 year career in law enforcement, working up through the ranks to become the Chief of Police for the City of Largo Florida police department, my wife and I retired and moved the the Blue Ridge area of Georgia. In 2011 we opened a Bed & Breakfast on thirty-six acres specializing in agritourism farm stay.



Worked at a Corporate Company


Theresa Purcell


I worked in corporate American since the age of 16 [summer jobs]. Continued in corporate even during college. Quit corporate and joined the ranks of inn keepers in 2010 and have not looked back.  You can give me more information about what you are looking for.





Worked as a VP of Compliance for a SubPrime Mortgage Company


Dave and Peggy Hauser


My name is Peggy Hauser, and I own the Grape Arbor Bed and Breakfast in North East, PA.  My previous life was in financial services, with my last job as VP of Compliance for a SubPrime Mortgage Company (yes, that industry).  I bought the Inn at the end of 2002, and have been running it ever since.


I am currently 58 years old; I was 50 when I left my job.  The property that I bought was not operational at the time, so I have built the business pretty much from scratch.




Description: C:\Users\Valerie\Downloads\paul and laura.jpgWorked at a Corporate Company


Paolo and Laura Di Liello


My husband and I, both now 49, left corporate life in 2005 to buy our inn.







Worked at a Corporate Company


Andrea Sumner


When I read the criteria, I truly felt like you were describing my situation.  I am a 51 year old female who never thought my life's dream would become a reality. I spent twenty years working in the corporate world; all the while dreaming, studying, exploring and developing plans.  Being a first time partner/owner is allowing me to put into practice my written thoughts. I would be happy to discuss the financials.



Worked as a CFO of a major energy company in California



Dena and John Finneran


I read the following email and thought that I fit the bill for what you are looking for. My wife, Dena, and I have owned the Caldwell House B&B for just about a year now. We had no prior experience in this industry  (or anything close). The position I left was CFO of a major energy company in CA.

Here is my "LinkedIn" profile page.......



Worked at a Corporate Company




OMG!  If ever there was something that had my name written all over it, it is this piece.  I was in corporate America for 31 years until I got the Corporate boot in 2007.  I had a choice.....I could find another job in the corporate world or I could pursue my dream.  Luckily, I had a business plan, financial plan, floor plan, marketing plan and project implementation plan so I put one foot in front of the other.  Not only did I do a B&B....I built it from the ground up and after 3 short years am enjoying some success as a first time entrepreneur.


Attached is a little background I did a while back.....was never published, but it will give you a little more information since you know what they are looking for.


Deborah, I would love a shot at this....what do I need to do?



Worked at a Corporate Company


Bob Tidball


My wife and I both left corporate America in December 2007 when we purchased the Addison on Amelia B&B.  We are both 45+ and are first time entrepreneurs.  I was working for a major defense contractor as an engineer in support of the oil industry overseas and Shannon was an engineer working in real estate.  We were looking for a lifestyle change when we bought the inn and we found it!  From big city to small town, from extensive international travel to being home every night, from a nightmare commute to walking to work.


I would be willing to share financials and submit a great photo which would be suitable for publication.  We’ve got a great story and would love to share it!



Worked as a Legal Nurse Consultant


Holly L. Tobin


How about left the medical field after 26 years....I am an RN and a Legal Nurse Consultant.....

My husband who helps me out in the kitchen with the fruit platters left Corporate America due to we count?? :)