Travel During Economic Stress Soothes the Soul

Frequent Vacations May Save Your Life

Dear Friend and Bed and Breakfast Traveler,
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One man recently wrote about taking time out for a B&B getaway and said, "We asked ourselves what is important, really? And we came up with Each Other."
The Framington Heart Survey results asked about vacations and guess what? Those who took frequent vacations died less. Yes, that's how they put it.
Taking vacations can improve health in several measurable ways. Please forward this message to your friends! For example:
An annual vacation can cut a person’s risk of heart attack by 50 percent. 
Middle-aged men at high risk for coronary heart disease who take frequent annual vacations are 21% less likely to die of any cause and 32% less likely to die of coronary heart disease. 
Blood pressure, heart rate, and levels of epinephrine--a stress hormone--decline on holidays of only one or two days.
Recuperation and improvement in exhaustion are facilitated by free time for one’s self, warmer (and sunnier) vacation locations, exercise during vacation, good sleep, and making new acquaintances, especially among vacationers reporting higher levels of work stress.
Travelers rate their overall health one full point higher (on a scale of 1 to 5) while on vacation. They also get three times more deep sleep after their vacation. See footnotes below.

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