Enchanted Cottages

The new owners will find our place to be a turnkey operation. All four places have been refurbished completely and maintained extremely well. There is a fifth unit ready to be furnished as another rental. The upstairs in the residence is all ready to be finished off and draft engineering plans are prepared. There are new hickory and bamboo and tile floors in every place, new appliances where needed, French doors and new energy-efficient windows and working shutters installed, and it has been painted everywhere, inside and out. The gardens are nearly self-sustaining now, the ponds work well (the turtles come free), and the back deck is a lovely place from which to watch the birds, not to mention the raccoons, deer and, yes, the occasional bear – right here in town.
Business Information

Price: $410,000
Baths: 4
Restaurant: No
Year Built: 1926
Contact Information
Location:  Seaview, WA
Phone: (360) 642-8606
Fax: (888)247-6098
Email: rooms@enchantedstay.com
Website: http://www.enchantedstay.com/
Reason for selling
The decision was really made for us by life’s twists and turns, as our elderly parents need our presence part of the year and unanticipated work projects require extensive travel away from The Beach.