Carriage Lane Inn

Hello, I am a bed and breakfast in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, just 30 minutes from Nashville. I was built in 1899 and my street was the carriage lane to the Maney family home, now the tourist attraction, Oakland Historic House Museum. The Civil War was over and the money was gone, so they sold the only thing they had left, the land. That's where I came in. I served as a middle-class family home, a beautiful Victorian with a lovely front porch. I remember watching the carriages roll down the street with my friends rocking on the porches sipping lemonade on a hot afternoon. Those were the days, a little slower than now. But I have survived. I have been through a lot of changes in my life but the best part was my facelift in 1997. Every part of me has been thoroughly inspected. I have my original body, just updated. You wouldn't believe how much better I look and feel than when I was at my lowest. For about 50 years, I was rental property and that was hard on me. Now my owner, Sharon, has also taken my 3 sister houses behind and on each side of me and spruced them up for weddings and events and for extended stays or overnight guests. Now we are seeing great times again like when I was young, relaxing days and festive nights.
Business Information
Properties can be sold separately; The Reception House, The Main Inn, The Cottage, and The Yellow House. Specialize in events. Two commercial kitchens.

Price: $1,200,000
Rooms: 14
Baths: 16
Restaurant: No
Year Built: 1899
Contact Information
Location:  Murfreesboro, TN
Phone: (800) 357-2827