Staunton Choral Gardens

The Staunton Choral Gardens has three guest rooms (all with private bathrooms) in the main inn, a spacious innkeepers' quarters with private entrance located in the main inn, a two-story historic carriage house, several lovely gardens, and an additional building with two apartment suites. You can purchase just the main inn/carriage house or the main inn/carriage house/apartment suites building. The gardens in the back property have been the location for many small weddings which are held at the inn. Guests can enjoy the European-style courtyard with grape wines all along one side, which serves as a back drop to the water garden and courtyard seating area. There is also a lower garden and a private "Secret Garden" -- a special place to spend a quiet afternoon. Enter through the arch and sit on a bench under a very large shade tree. There is even a covered porch swing in the lower garden.
Business Information
You can also visit the Inn's website at: Owner: Carolyn Avalos

Price: $495,900
Restaurant: No
Year Built: 1915
Contact Information
Location:  Staunton, VA
Phone: (540)885-6556