Dug Road Inn

Business Information
Guests come to Dug Road Inn to relax and renew in our peaceful and rejuvenating environment. Designed to emanate simplicity and calm, with original art, modern amenities and fresh and local breakfast. We have a space that inspires gathering and chatting as well as quiet cuddling or soothing solitude. For guests that venture out, Decorah is a vibrant community with an expansive array of food and wellness offerings. An impressive bike and walking trail(link to trail) encouraging a gentle stroll or vigorous ride through our lush green surroundings. There are great fishing spots, mountain biking, hiking, wonderful restaurants, boutiques, fabulous food coop, local farms and the world-renowned Seed Savers. For those seeking a wellness retreat, our community offers acupuncture, yoga, Pilates, spas, therapeutic massage and much more. Decorah has the benefits of small town life, friendly helpful people, walking distance to many places, yet it also has some of the offerings of a city. We have art and many artistic offerings at various venues such as The Arthaus. Live music, fresh local food, wellness, healthy ways to move the body. Whether you stay in or go out, there is truly something for everyone at Dug Road Inn. In fact first time visitors often fall so completely and deeply in love with Decorah they end up moving here! Whether you are a long time visitor or a first timer we hope to be a happy part of your experience.
Rooms: 5
Baths: 5
Restaurant: No
Year Built: 1866
Contact Information
Location:  Decorah, IA
Phone: 563-382-9355
Email: dugroadinn@hotmail.com
Website: www.dugroadinn.com
Reason for selling
We have built our Inn and client list to a great level and we are ready to retire. It's wonderful opportunity!