Stone Gables Bed and Breakfast

BnB with 5 rooms and 4 apartments. The building consist of the bed and breakfast at 5,600sf with 5 bedroom and 5 bathrooms. Open all year. Income through guests is good but could definately be increased. Consistent great reviews and highest ratings. Fully renovated 13 years ago. Everything completely to street connections. This unique property includes 4 high end apartments that provide a consistent income.
Business Information
Open all year. Income is good but could be easily increased. I work other full-time job beside bnb. I do some advertising but not alot. I have not tapped into the consistent business and health customers coming into Cleveland. Cleveland Clinic Lutheran Hospital only 3 blocks away. Great reviews and highest ratings.

Price: $990,000
Rooms: 5
Baths: 5
Square Feet: 12,500
Restaurant: No
Year Built: 1883
Gross Earnings: $100,000
Contact Information
Location:  Cleveland, OH
Phone: 216-961-4654
Fax: na
Reason for selling
Renovated building to help neighborhood growth. Still work multiple other jobs. Wanting to grow more in a different direction.