Printable Gift Certificate Program

We are excited to announce that our gift certificate program is now live! Join now to take advantage of the added exposure that you will gain by being a part of the program.

How the Program Works

  1. Customer visits the iLoveInns Web site or calls our offices to order a gift certificate.

  2. They print the certificate or request to have the gift certificate mailed.

  3. The recipient then goes to the iLoveInns Web site and books his reservation directly with the inn of choice.

  4. When the traveler arrives, the innkeeper either calls iLoveInns or goes online to validate the gift certificate.

  5. The inn receives 90 percent of the redeemed amount of the gift certificate and, iLoveInns retains a 10 percent commission.

Program Goals

The program was created so that American Historic Inns can market the bed and breakfast industry to large organizations for their incentive programs and for individual consumers to share their love for bed & breakfast travel.

An example of marketing to larger companies: Land O' Lakes is giving away 50 gift certificates to 50 dedicated customers in their current sweepstakes.

The only way we can effectively market the program is to collect a 10 percent commission. The commission will be used by iLoveInns to market the program to individual consumers and to large organizations for bonuses and incentive programs. Member inn keeps 100% of any and all sales dollars above the certificate value.

Don't miss out! Sign up now and you will be ready to accept gift certificates in just minutes.