How to Install the Review Tool on Your Website

Inns Add Free Review Widget & Get Greater Conversion from "Shoppers" to Guests

The specials and review widgets give you an amazingly simple way to edit and add important news to your website. It's really easy for you to use - go into the widget and add your specials along with your start dates and stop dates. Voila! It will appear on your site exactly when it is supposed to and stop when it’s supposed to. You don’t have to remember to take off old and outdated packages and you don't have to have html language skills. 
The reviews widget allows fresh comments to come into your webpage without you doing anything (other than occasionaly letting  your guests know where they can post reviews -  Then with the review widget the comments they make show right up on your website and on your listing page on simutaneously.
Many inns have added the Review Widget to their websites and seen amazing responses from their site visitors. 

Mountain Brook Cottages
Gus, Michele, and Maqelle
"We have seen two extra reservations a week since installing the review widget from on our home page."

 "People are definitely coming because of the Review Widget already! Hats off to iLoveInns! iLove for the Review Widget.  I've asked several guests if they made their reservations because of what folks wrote in ours - they all said "yes!"  -  Michele, Mountain Brook, Asheville, N.C.

 "Since adding the reviews widget to my homepage, I have had recent guests to post wonderful comments about their stay! I have found that other potential guests truly base their vacation choices on what other guests have experienced. I highly recommend all Innkeepers to add this." Atlantis Inn
 Click This Website to See the Review Widget Installed  Note the vertical arrangement along with Trip Advisor 
Why do you need the review widget?
A large percentage of leisure travelers make their decision based completely on guest reviews* not photos, personal recommendations, but by reviews!
Every testamonial about an experience at your inn gives a new traveler the inspiration, trust and excitement about booking with you.
When reviews are coming from a third party - such as, you have great authenticity and customers trust the comments.

3 Steps to Adding Review Widget

1.  Log into the innkeeper editor located at
2.  Click "Review widget"
3.  Personalize the widget with your colors or select a color theme, then copy the code provided to your website! Or email the code to your webmaster.
If your webmaster needs help contact or call our office at 949-481-7276