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Few industries have such an easy way to get the kind of powerful links needed to keep your individual website high on Google. But our industry does and it's quick to join at a gold or platinum level.  all you have to do is contact one of our customer service people  and ask for the Quick & Easy package - for an extra $25 they will get everything up for you - photos, descriptions, detail, even reviews!! - (enjoy that British accent), (getting married to a handsome military guy in May),, - Each and everyone will make it a pleasure to get your marketing done. You can also call or email, 949-497-2232!
Additional Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Listing
Write a seven-sentence description of your city and be featured at the top of the city page. What are the sights and attractions, what are the seasons like, what outdoor and indoor activities are there? Be sure to write about your town, and not your inn, for the best chance for selection. If chosen, your description will appear in the blue box at the top of your town's page on our site, along with a link back to you. See a sample here: Palm Springs, CA.

Capture Reviews From Your Guests Generating More Income from New Guests: In your innkeeper editor under Review Widgets, you will find the code for inserting a review link on your website. This link goes directly to your review page on your ILoveInns listing. Inns with a high number of great reviews that catch the eye of guests searching for a B&B on our site, as well as having the reviews appear in Google search results. This also earns you a free placement as a Featured Inn, all year! See a sample of a Featured Inn placement here: Laguna Riviera

NEW! E Cards Free from iLoveInns

Guests use these postcards to send to friends and family for planning getaways but they are also for innkeepers to send notes to guest lists or use as individual comments to the press, etc.

How to Use the Free Postcard with Your Inn's Photo On It

1. Go to your inn listing on - example:{innID}
2. Click on "Send a Postcard" underneath the inn name & address
3. Fill in your name, email and email(s) of recipients
4. Choose your message
5. Choose which of your photos you want to use
6. Click "send", then go to your email and find a great postcard of your inn!

Accept and Sell Gift Certificates: Let us handle the hassle of keeping track of those gift certificates! ILoveInns offers one of the most generous Gift Certificate programs in the industry. Your inn can sign on to accept gift certificates through your Innkeeper Editor. ILoveInns pays gift certificates at 90% of face value!! As another source of revenue, you can also sign on to be a Gift Certificate Affiliate - sell ILoveInns gift certificates through your inn and inn's website and receive 10% of the revenue from each sale. You could essentially earn 100% of the face value of a gift certificate by both selling, and honoring it!

Be A Participant in our BOGO Program: Participate in our Buy One Night Get One Night Free program to have your inn published in our annual edition of Bed & Breakfasts & Country Inns, sold at major retailers nationwide such as Borders, Barnes & Noble, and Built as a way to assist innkeepers increase business in their slow season, you control the times of the year and the days of the week you will accept them. By participating, you get a listing in the book for FREE.

Sell the books on your Website: As an additional source of revenue, your inn can become a book affiliate and sell the books through your website or at your inn, earning $10 for every book you sell. We handle all the processing and shipping. You earn the money!

Participate in our Annual Book Cover Promotion: Custom book covers with photos of your inn are also available to you. We will put a beauty shot of your Inn on our book. You must by at least 36 books at up to 50% off the list price of $24.95 and pay shipping. These are fabulous gifts, donations and giveaways for the Inn. They generate "buzz" in your community and can be used for fund raising.

Install the iPhone Logo/Link: Have your Webmaster place the iPhone Logo/Link on your website letting the world know they can find you on the phone. Place your listing on our Wedding Site for NO EXTRA CHARGE. Generate business from weddings, proposals, engagements, etc.

Write A PERFECT DAY in your town: If you write an article about the perfect day in your town, we can post it on our website creating interest and excitement to potential visitors. This is a benefit of PLATINUM membership only. We can only post one article per town, so speak with your account representative before proceeding. We will include a link back to your website and give you authorship.

Become a Platinum Member and get additional upgrade:

• Get a 3rd City to Market
• Get to post 20 photos
• Get the greatest return on searches... Be listed at the top!
• Write a 200 word Innkeeper Commentary to be posted on the websites and iPhone
• Include individual room descriptions and pricing

Post Unlimited Recipes: Are you a good cook? Post unlimited recipes on your site. People will search for them and create traffic to your website. This helps improve your ranking on Google.

Add a link to your Twitter Page

Add a link to your Facebook Fan Page
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