FREE City Page Featured Inns Program

As a bonus for innkeepers who are listed with American Historic Inns we have developed these logo banners for your use. By simply placing one of the below seals on your web site, you will automatically be entered into our city page free featured listing program. There will be a total of three featured inns per city and state. They will be listed on our city search return on the left-hand side below the nearby cities box. Please do not mistake these three open positions for the paid featured position that is on the top of every search return for that city. keeps a count of visitors coming from your site to ours, and whoever is in the top three for a running 15 days will be shown -- this way everyone has a chance no matter when you start. 

"Greetings! Just instructed our web master to place both logos on our Home Page.  We can account for many guests due to your site & marketing efforts on our behalf.  Thank you!" -- Sandra Gregg, Golden Stage Inn


1. Choose which image you would like to place on your web site. 
2. Copy the lines of code in the box beneath the image.
3. Paste it into your web page.

1) Plain Link

Visit iLoveInns

2) Featured Property Image

3) Company Image

4) Irresistible Inn

5) Irresistible Inn - Animated

6) Historic Property
This logo is intended for historic properties constructed prior to 1950.

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