Best Places for Date Night From Your Lexington Bed and Breakfast, Kentucky

Some say it doesn’t matter where you spend your date because what is important is who you are with. Yet to make the time truly memorable, the venue is still a huge factor. You may have the opportunity of being with someone whom you really like or love but if the place you choose is not really interesting or romantic, your date could turn out to be a disaster.  In Lexington, Kentucky, you can be sure that you will never run out of great options weather you are just getting to know each other or are celebrating a 40th anniversary.

•    If interested in performing arts, especially those that are classical, the Lexington Opera House may be a great destination for the night.  This is where the top performers who visit Lexington usually hold their concerts and shows. 

•    The Kentucky Theatre is not only famous for showing the latest blockbuster films but also for its Roman-influenced architecture.  Taking your date here will allow you a modern film in an elegantly designed building.

•    Comedy Off Broadway is a perfect spot if you want to have a night of laughter with your date.  The stand up comics here are sure to entertain.

•    Budget is certainly not a problem if you take your date to J Morse in Vine Bistro.  This restaurant is considered one of the best in Lexington and it offers the tastiest salads in town. The atmosphere is perfect for a romantic dinner.

•    Jonathan’s at Gratz Park is definitely the restaurant to take your date if he or she prefers good old Southern cooking.  The staff here excells at entertaining guests, adding a welcome feature to an already delightful dinner.

•    If you and your date are health buffs, seafood and vegetarian fare may be your choice. In Lexington, one great choice is A la Lucie.  This restaurant provides outdoor seating which, on a starry night, can make dinner more romantic.

•    Your date may be on a weekend and an excellent choice for this would be Cheapside Bar and Grill.  Aside from the great food, they provide amazing performances from jazz artists.

•    DeVassa is another good place for dates.  Not only is the Brazilian cuisine it offers outstanding, guests can enjoy a great view of Triangle Park Fountains from the restaurant’s patio.

•    Impressing your date with your capability to spend can unfold at one of the popular pricey bars in the city, Sky Bar. Aside from VIP lounges, you can take your date to the small dance floor.

•    Dance clubs are found everywhere in Lexington’s main commercial district.  One of the most popular is The Loft.  A date who loves to dance will be captivated by this place.

There are many wonderful bed and breakfasts in Lexington from which to start your celebration including:

Lyndon House