Indulging in Wine and Love in Mendocino

Mendocino is considered as California’s foremost wine country.  Those who argue with this point do not really insist that it is not.  Instead they repeatedly point out that it is actually country’s most popular destination for couples who like to enjoy each other’s company while having the opportunity of tasting its best wines.  Interestingly, Mendocino never seems to run out of surprises in this regard.  For this reason, it has been aptly labeled as the only place in the entire country that could effectively and wonderfully combine the exquisite taste of wine and romance.

With a great number of vineyards and wineries dotting the entire area, visitors who come to Mendocino can never run out of tour options.  These tours could be arranged even upon their arrival at any of the romantic Mendocino inns. The innkeepers themselves would gladly arrange the said tours for them.  Since they are couples out on romantic vacation, the innkeepers would even guarantee that they could still enjoy they tour as couples.  The idea of sipping glasses of wines with the person one wants to be with always is certainly an experience that could never be forgotten.  Against the Mendocino attractions as backdrop, such vacation would indeed be memorable. 

Mendocino bed and breakfasts have gained renown for providing guest couples with really romantic accommodations.  Couples who are not in a honeymoon would certainly feel that their stay in any of these inns is just as lovely.  However, they would find Mendocino to be filled with so many amazing sights that staying in their respective rooms would ultimately be missing rare opportunities. It is a good thing though that the tours to vineyards and wineries are just as romantic as the atmosphere in the Mendocino bed and breakfast accommodation.   Among the top choices they should see are the Greenwood Ridge Vineyards, the Hundley Cellars, the Breggo Cellars, and the Husch Vineyards.

Tasting the wines in Mendocino’s top wineries is a privilege that visitors should not forego.  This is after all the most important activity that tourists and vacationers should experience while in the place.  It is just impossible for guests in Mendocino bed and breakfast inns not to have such chance.  In fact, in many of the romantic Mendocino inns, couples are provided with free bottle of the county’s best fermented product from the fruit of the vine.  Of course, couples should not make this their only chance of enjoying a bottle of wine; there is obviously a lot more in this grapes-growing region.

There are tour packages made available for couples who would like to spend a few days of romantic vacation.  However, if being in town is just brought about by a decision made at the spur of the moment, they could just arrange for tours facilitated by the Mendocino bed and breakfasts in which they are billeted.  These surely have the means in providing the guests with romantic enjoyable tours around the region while focusing on the trips to wineries that offer wine-tasting to visitors.