Ottawa: Canada’s Seat

As the capital of Canada, Ottawa’s significance is already enshrined.  With the main government offices of the country based here, it is not surprising to see Canadian residents going here in droves for official business and for simply witnessing how their government works.  However, what is interesting to note is the fact that foreign and local tourists and visitors also come to the city in great numbers yearly.  This is also due to the fact that the city is dotted with government buildings designed and built in the early 1900s and in the second half of the 1800s. The magnificent architecture and the well-kempt surroundings have been the reasons why these buildings are always postcard-perfect.

To see the most prominent of these buildings, visitors should first go to Parliament Hill where the country’s two branches of parliament are based.  The building is home to the House of Commons and the Senate.  What makes it interesting for visitors though is the grand 1800s design of the building. Construction of the building was done in the 1860s but it is still standing as it is with the same Gothic-revival architecture.  About a mile away from the Ottawa’s center is the Canadian War Museum.  This museum houses artifacts and other valuable mementos of the history of the Canadian Armed Forces and its involvement in the major world wars.

Visitors who come to Ottawa also make it a point to see Rideau Canal.  The canal is considered as the oldest landmark in the city.  During the summer when the weather is absolutely warm, the canal is quite sight as it is filled with hundreds of boats.  Like migratory birds though, as the first snow of winter falls, these boats leave the canal for warmer areas.  The canal itself freezes and becomes the ‘world’s longest skating rink’ for the duration of the winter. 

Ottawa’s nightlife is undoubtedly one of the most vibrant in Canada.  Visitors in the city would never run out of places to go even as the hours race towards dawn.  The best location would be the Byward Market, which is in downtown Ottawa.  Byward Market is filled with stylish clubs and bars, as well as restaurants for fine dining.  Another option with the same fun to offer is Elgin Street.  For live music performances, Bank Street is the place to go. Both Byward Market and Bank Street also happen to be shopping centers in the morning.

Ottawa may be the government seat of Canada but it is also one of the country’s center for entertainment and fun.  Because of this, people who come to visit here will surely enjoy their stay so much that they would consider their Ottawa bed and breakfast accommodations as mere places to sleep and rest.