Road Trip - Seattle to Vancouver


Taking a road trip is a favored American pasttime and an exceptional one is from Seattle to Vancouver. Seattle makes for a good starting point because in Seattle, visitors can see the city on an amphibious vehicle, have dinner in a revolving restaurant, and ride a ferry to Bainbridge Island. Visitors can also explore the Experience Music Project and walk Pike Place Market and dinet. Taking Interstate 5 is a direct route from Seattle to Vancouver, although this may not be the best route for you to take if you want to explore backroads and see less freeway. Stay at an inn along the way and the innkeepers will guide you to more, museums, excellent dinning places and many more. You can stop at Tulalip Casino, outside of Marysville, and enjoy an evening of fun. Near the casino are some malls for a great day of fun and shopping.


When traveling north take a detour along Chuckanut Drive and see some of the beautiful shore line of Western Washington. Along the way you can stop and enjoy a rest from driving in Larrabee State Park. Have a picnic or enjoy all sorts of recreation and hours of relaxation in this park. After taking the detour drive to Bellingham for more fun and attractions.

  Bellingham is home to Western Washington University where you can find unique collections of sculptures on campus. Downtown Bellingham has much to offer. Hike Mt. Baker; go eagle watching on the Nooksack river; or kayaking and river rafting on the Nooksack River. Hire a boat to tour  Bellingham Bay or a take a jaunt to Birch Bay. There are many hikes to discover forest, islands, and mountains and for birdwatching try the wetlands, rivers and forests. There are also waterfall walks throughout the area's fabulous scenery. Try the area's local wineries including some Canadian wineries near the border. 

The area boasts the largest population of Bald Eagles in the U.S. if you are traveling December to February. Ask your innkeeper to suggest one or two  scenic drives. They will often help you plan a great drive and recommend the best places to stop for lunch or dinner. In May you can hop aboard a whale watching boat and see Orca, Humpbacks, Gray or Minke whales.

When you travel north of Bellingham you can stop in thel town of Lynden and visit the Lynden Pioneer Museum. In this museum you can see a collection of historical artifacts including the Pioneer Buggy Collection. There is also the Northwest Washington Fair which is the region's agricultural fair in Lynden.

After you pass Bellingham and Lynden you will be close to the US and Canada border. Enjoy late nigh sushi in Richmond. There are also great sushi places in Vancouver, British Columbia and days of adventure in town and around the area.



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