Road Trip – Seattle to British Columbia


A trip from Seattle to Victoria, British Columbia can include an exciting ferry ride such as traveling to San Juan Island, to Victoria and then to Vancouver. You can also spot whales during these ferry trips if traveling from Dec. to Feb.
It is a short three hour drive depending on the traffic at the US – Canadian border crossing. Along the way through, you can pass by several exciting places. You can drive from Seattle towards Banff, through the Okanagan Valley and on to Vancouver, British Columbia. You might see bears in  the Rockies, and ultimately the orcas in Vancouver will bring more excitement to this trip. Before starting the trip in Seattle you can enjoy a walk along the waterfront and then have a nice diner afterwards.

Starting the road trip in Seattle, you can take the Interstate-5 and go east on Highway 20. This can take you to the North Cascades Highway across the mountains. This can take you to the most scenic places of the mountain passes and one of the most beautiful scenic drives in the US.  You can have your lunch in Winthrop, and this is not a problem because there are lots of great lunch spots in the area. From there you can head north and at Cranbrook you can see interesting religious history in the Area. In that place you can see large abandoned brick houses in the middle of nowhere and you cannot imagine that place just existing there.

Taking the highway, you can go through Yoho National Park and see that it is a stunning place to visit. Passing through you can see bears along the way and also moose along the highway and on you can go Jasper National Park where you can see more bears. If you are lucky, you can even see a Caribou, which is an endangered species, and not many are left in the wild.

In Banff you can have a very wonderful time. You can even spend the day in the area because there are many wonderful places to stay and you can really feel the mountains. You can really feel that you are in the Rockies and also see great wild life. From there you can then head to Vancouver in British Columbia taking Highway 1. It is the most direct route but still you can see more scenic places. There are many alternate routes though, and you can have several options. But this route can get you into some of the best scenic places in the area and you can maximize your experiences with the wild life.