Bring More Guests to Your Front Door with the Bed & Breakfast and Country Inns Travel Club


The Bed & Breakfast Travel Club was started after many innkeepers suggested that we start a B&B club. We took the comments to heart and when Uncle Ben’s Rice approached us to do a promotion, we recommended the travel club. The initial B&B club book opened with a 100,000 print run. It was featured proximately on 12 MILLION packages of Uncle Ben’s Rice and advertised in 28 MILLON newspaper inserts.)  Since that time, the club has grown and increased revenue for inns across the country.  We now title the book that accompanies the travel club card, Classic Country Inns and Bed & Breakfasts (first used on the Diet Coke B&B Book).
Type of Benefits You Can Offer the Consumer

The discounts you decide to offer are completely up to you, along with the times of the year that you would like to make them available to your guests.  While the discount will be applied to the total stay, there can be restrictions such as “Good for stays of 3 nights or more” or perhaps, “35% good on stays of three nights or more; 40% on stays of 7 days or more.”
However, to get the most calls coming in to your particular inn, it may be better to consider a percentage off, say “25% anytime based on availability”, or 25% off anytime last minute – within 4 days of your stay, as an example.  This allows you much more flexibility to follow with seasonal situations –storms, etc. and lets you adapt to economic conditions as well.
Guests currently receive a laminated Bed & Breakfast and Country Inn Travel Club card that is good for one year from the time it is purchased.  It can be used over and over throughout the year, and more than one time at each inn – just so the restrictions are adhered to.

How to Join

Joining is easy.  Simply click here Travel Club, print out the agreement form and fax back to us at 949-497-9228.  You will immediately be listed as a club participant on our Web site,,  and in any of the custom Travel Club books that are published throughout the year. 
Your Participation Choices and “The Rules”
  1. The minimum discount you can offer is 25%, other choices are 30, 40 and 50%
  2. You must specify the periods when you will honor the discount.
  3. You can restrict availability to a certain number of rooms. (For  best cash flow we recommend your highest rated rooms).
  4. The discount cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts.
  5. You cannot create special “prices” for club members.
  6. Club members should receive the same meal plans, amenities and courtesies as other guests.
  7. Other restrictions will apply such as holidays are not included.  Discounts are subject to availability.  Advance reservations are required. Club members must identify themselves when making reservations.
We encourage you to offer whatever combination of discounts and periods will work best for you.  Design your own program.  Examples:
  • 25% off weekends, Sept. 9 to June 25, 50% off midweek Nov. 15 to May 15.
  • 40% off Sunday through Thursday
  • 35% off Nov. 16 to April 15
  • 25% off weekends.  50% off Monday through Thursday
  • 30% off anytime based on availability

How Distributed

Major companies such as Citibank, Von’s Supermarkets, and Wells Fargo Bank have ordered books to use as customer incentives in their branches. The Travel Club is also sold directly on our web site.

Other Programs

If you are interested in joining our BOGO (Buy-One-Night-Get-One-Night-Free program) as well click here for the application to join.  Please note that you do not have to belong to both programs.  You can choose one or the other or both.

And finally, here’s a special offer!  While membership on is not a requirement to participate  in one or both programs, if you decide to join us with a Gold level membership (yearly fee is $195.00) we will deduct $30 from your first year’s membership fee!  Visit our site to see which of your neighboring inns have discovered one of the Best Travel Web Sites according to Yahoo! Interenet Magazine.

Click Here for Secrets to Successful Handling of Country Inn Travel Club Reservations