Alaskan Adventure Wedding Checklist

Activity Completed? Date Due Comments/Details/Questions
Marriage License     Critical to know how they get the license (requirements, etc.) for the destination.
Wedding Ceremony Venue     One or more to be offered?  
Cake     Work with a local baker/pastry chef who might already have examples/pictures you can use to offer as part of a "package."
Flowers     Same as the cake, pictures they can choose from is always good to have when doing a package.  Be sure you have a good understanding of lead time necessary when a bride requests flowers that need to be special ordered.
Photography     Are there any local photographers that you could partner with?  
Ground Transportation     Do they arrange their own or do they want a limo or a specialty car?  Knowing the options that a ground transportation company has is important!
Wedding Music     iPod and players with speakers are very easy for this feature.  You can download songs quickly and inexpensively and be able to offer the couple choices of nearly everything for their wedding and/or first dance.
Wedding Ceremony/Vows     This is very important…having ceremonies (pre-arranged or able to be customized) for your wedding couple to choose from.  If someone is going to perform the ceremonies themselves, this is critical…if you are hiring a marriage commissioner, they will probably already have ceremonies to choose from.