Best Bed & Breakfast Blogs by Innkeepers


July 29, 2008 Best Blog:

Name of Blog:  Ludlow's Island Resort Blog

Innkeeper & Inn:  Mark & Sally Ludlow Ludlow’s Island Resort

Why we like this blog:  Want to experience some real summer fun? Check out the blog at Ludlow’s Island Resort! Their blog has been up and running since 05 and they do a great job highlighting the creative and fun events taking place at the resort such as the fishing derby, the amphicar rides, and the iceberg. In their 69th season, Ludlow’s really knows how to create a family vacation that will make memories for a lifetime!

Clips from the blog:   Families are enjoying beautiful weather, calm waters and some good fishing.  Zack Stucky (picture later) won the weekly fishing contest catching 44 fish in 20 minutes.  A new record!  The Amphicar is back giving rides.  What an experience to go from land to water!  We still have space to make families memories at Ludlow's this summer!