The Wonder of Wandering At Williamsburg

Williamsburg’s importance in the history of the country cannot be ignored.  This now modern city is actually one of the most important settlements when the country was still a colony.  It is also here where major political events took place which later on led to the spread of the American Revolution in Virginia. Visitors who get to see the city would learn more about this as they take a tour on all the historic sites that dot the city.  In fact, just walking around Williamsburg would already give them the feeling being in the colonial and antebellum Virginia.  Wandering around the city is a wonderful experience, a travel back in time.

It would be best for visitors to start really from the beginning and that would be Jamestown Settlement.  This site is one of the earliest settlements not just in the state of Virginia but in the entire a country.  If Williamsburg is a fully grown tree, Jamestown Settlement was its seed.  A museum has been built on the very site of the settlement.  Here visitors can view the artifacts that came from the original settlers of the place.  A tour around the museum as well as the entire historic site could give visitors a very learning experience they would not forget.  Colonial Williamsburg is similar site just adjacent to the Jamestown Settlement.

Williamsburg may be historic but it also offers a lot of modern fun for visitors and even the locals could never seem to get tired of it. The most popular spot, when it comes to this kind of fun and entertainment, is Busch Gardens.  This village is actually a complex of rides and entertainment centers.  Although the fun starts in the morning, it is in the late afternoons until the evening that the place becomes really festive.  Here, the locals mix with the tourists and visitors from dusk until the wee hours. 

There are opportunities for outdoors fun in the city and this includes water sports facilities and golf courses. About four miles away from Williamsburg is the Water Country USA. This water and theme park has always been the favorite of Williamsburg children and youth.  Visitors who would like to take a refreshing dip or play with the water all day long could enjoy it too.  The Pirate’s Cove Adventure Park is a combination of a theme park and a golf course.

While it may be a historic city, Williamsburg is certainly more than just textbook material.  It is a fun city too, a welcome break from the seriousness of its motif as a historic site.  Visitors billeted in Williamsburg bed and breakfast inns will always have a reason to wander around and see the wonders of the city.