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The "W" in Wyoming stands for the West, for no state embodies the West more than Wyoming. A bed and breakfast in Wyoming truly offers you a place to see the deer and the antelope roam. And this state's history is rich with tales of native peoples and an emigrant frontier.

Choose a Wyoming bed and breakfast and learn from the local innkeeper where the historic emigrant trails run. You can also explore the old western towns, battlefields and former military forts to get a sense of what life was like in this our 44th state.

The overwhelming picture a tourist captures is of wide-open spaces, broad mountain valleys, sparsely populated prairies and endless skies. Perfect for a relaxing night's stay at a Wyoming bed & breakfast. Wyoming's name goes back to the Algonquin language and suggest a "large prairie place".
The Western Spirit is embodied in their state license plate with the bucking bronco and in the daily western wear favored by many residents. Many a Wyoming bed breakfast also capture this Western style in their design and d├ęcor.

Whether you head to Jackson Hole, Cheyenne or Cody, you are sure to find a bed and breakfast in Wyoming that will enhance your Wyoming vacation. A bed and breakfast in Wyoming could be a log cabin, a ranch or a Victorian mansion!

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