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76 Main St, Nantucket, MA 02554-3703, USA    

Dawn Hagin


Circa 1883. Set among the other mansions on the cobblestone section of Main Street, this 1883 Victorian Revival/Federal home was built in the historic whaling port for a sea captain. Read or relax in the front en...

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Horrendous experience!

The owner (David) is quite rude and disrespectful. He has a LONG list of do-nots as soon as you enter the home. From the minute we entered the door - we should have run the other way. He treated as if we were children - we listened to a complete lecture of what we could and what we couldn't do. We even had a demonstration on how to properly flush the toilet. "One must hold the handle down until it completely flushes you can not push the handle and let go you must do as so - watch - just like this". We actually didn't hold the handle down - we just flushed like you normally would and ta-da it worked just fine! What was his 15 minute lecture all about? During breakfast he was watching over us like a hawk to make sure you only took one slice of pastry - GOD forbid you take more than one - he made a comment as soon as we walked in the door : "only if you're starving you would need to take more than one piece of pastry."! We wanted a hair dryer in our room - he said "make sure you return this otherwise I'll have to charge you for it." Come on! What is this man on? He thinks we're going to steal his junky hair dryer worth a few bucks after paying over 200 bucks for a single night? We wanted to leave our luggage at the inn (in his garage) after check-out and he wanted to know exactly when we would be back to pick it up because he "wanted to be on top of this." He also reminded us that we weren't going to be allowed to use the restrooms if we stopped by the house again. We went to get ice for our water bottles and dropped a few ice cubes and his remarks were "that's not how you put ice in your cup - you're being wasteful with the ice". Our rooms were filthy, outdated and smelly. We weren't allowed to change the temperature of the air conditioner nor open the windows to allow fresh air in! These were part of his house rules. This man is anal, controlling, condescending and flat out one of the rudest people we've ever met! Would we ever stay here again?! Never. Your stay here WILL ruin your trip to Nantucket. Guaranteed!

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