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The Swope Manor Bed & Breakfast Gallery

58-60 York Street
Gettysburg, PA 17325 USA
(888)963-9714 or (717)398-2655
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Lt Pohlman Chamber

This deluxe room with its fine amenities is dedicated to Lt. William Pohlman who was in the 59th New York Infantry. The son of missionary parents William was born on January 10, 1842 on the island of Borneo. After the death of his mother, William was sent to Albany, New York at the age of three to live with his aunt. Pohlman, in January 1863 was promoted to Lieutenant Regimental Adjutant of the 59th New York. The 59th arrived at Gettysburg the morning of July 2nd and by the afternoon in Pohlman’s 14th engagement of the war, would repulse Confederate Gen Wrights brigade from breaking through the Union center. The next day during the confederate artillery barrage of the Union center, Lt. Pohlman was wounded in the left shoulder leaving his left arm useless. He refused to leave the battlefield. His men encouraged him to leave but Pohlman replied “not while I have sword arm left”. A short while later came Longstreet’s Assault “Pickett’s Charge” when Pohlman was wounded in the right arm. He would remain on the battlefield until the attack was over and would be taken to the 2nd Corps Field Hospital. July 11th Pohlman was taken to the Swope Mansion for better care and conditions. John Swope would see to it that he had the best care and surgeon he could find. Although his condition seemed get better with each passing day on July 20th infection set in and his condition depleted rapidly. Pohlman would succumb to his wounds here at the Swope Mansion on July 21, 1863.