Coeur A La' Creme

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Your valentine will certainly be impressed when served this classic cheese heart with a strawberry or raspberry sauce.
Coeur a la creme is a French dessert made with a few simple ingredients. Both the sauce and the heart must be made the day before.

Coeur a la Creme
1-15oz. container ricotta cheese
1-8oz. package cream cheese softened
4 tablespoons confectioners sugar
Strawberry Sauce
1-24oz. carton frozen sliced strawberries with sugar. (thawed)
1/2 cup strawberry jelly
1 tablespoon cornstarch
2 tablespoons Triple Sec

Coeur a la' Creme—(Prepare one day before serving)
Beat cheeses and sugar til smooth in a large bowl with an electric mixer.
Line a 6 3/4" coeur a la creme mold with cheesecloth (may be found in large grocery stores or fabric shops).
Fill mold with cheese mixture and fold edges of cheesecloth over top. Place into a 9" square baking pan to catch any drips.
Place a board or plate on top of mold and weigh down with a couple of one lb. cans.
Refrigerate over night.
Unfold cheesecloth from top of mold, invert mold and carefully slide onto serving platter. Slowly remove cheesecloth and spoon sauce onto platter around heart.
If you do not have a traditional heart-shaped mold, try lining a small colander with cheesecloth and proceed according to directions. You won't end up with a heart shape dessert but you can decorate with chocolate hearts.
(the holes are necessary for drainage.)
Strawberry sauce
Drain strawberries reserving 1/2 cup juice. Puree strawberries in food processor.
Melt 1/2 cup strawberry jelly in 1 quart saucepan over low heat while stirring. In a small bowl, mix the reserved juice and 1 tablespoon of cornstarch. Stir gradually into melted jelly. Add remainder of pureed strawberries, and cook until thickened. Add Triple Sec and a few drops of red food coloring for brighter color if desired. Store dessert in refrigerator.
Optional: Add a little rum or brandy to sauce.

Recipe Summary:
Yield: Strawberry Sauce
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes Coeur a la' Creme—10 minutes strawberry sauce

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