Cold Curried Chicken Salad

2C Uncooked Rice
1C Raw Cauliflower Buds, chopped in 1/4" pieces
8 oz. Creamy French Dressing, bottled
1C Mayonnaise
1TBsp Curry Powder, or more
1TBsp Salt
1-1/2tsp Pepper
1/2C MIlk
6-7C Diced Cooked Chicken
1C Green Pepper, Chopped
1C Celery, Chopped
1C Red Onion, Chopped

Cook Rice as directed on package, wash and chill. Toss Chilled rice, cauliflower and French dressing. Chill in refriderator. Mix mayonnaise, curry powder, salt and pepper. Slowly mix in milk then chicken. Refrigerate. Next day combine rice and chicken mixtures with green pepper, celery and onion.

Recipe Summary:
Yield: Serves 12-14

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Pine Creek Country Inn
Nacogdoches, TX

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