Crab Crepes

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Breakfast crepes with fresh Maryland crab in a creamy sour cream sauce

Cafe Colette's Crab Crepes.
Crepe batter:
1 Cup of waffle/pancake batter mix.
1/2 cup of Water and one egg
3 tbs of sour cream ( regular or low fat)
3 tbs of fresh Maryland crab meat, pre-cooked in butter and seasoning
1 tsp of toasted sliced almonds per crepe
Maryland seafood seasoning
We make batter the night before and store in the refrigerator.

Heat 8 or 10-inch non-stick sauté pan on medium heat; put butter or skillet spray in pan. While pan is heating up, Mix water with any waffle or pancake batter and one egg and whisk well to make a very thin batter (an electric whisk ).

Pour a thin, 4-inch circle of batter in pan and tip pan slightly in a circular motion to spread the batter evenly to just beyond the edges of the pan. Batter should be very thin yet opaque once it spreads out. Set pan back on medium heat and let it cook until the edges start to lift from pan and appear crispy brown.
Cut pre-cooked crab into small bite-size pieces and quickly sear in butter while the crepe cooks (separate pan). Then add seasoning,nuts & sour cream to crab in pan.
Gently slide the crepe from its pan with a rubber spatula and place on serving plate.
Re-coat pan with butter or spray and start the next crepe.
While the second crepe cooks, fill the finished crepe with sour cream/crab mixture.Fold over the sides, top with filling

Recipe Summary:
Yield: 2-4 crepes
Prep Time: 10 minutes or less for two crepes
Cook Time: 1 minute per crepe and crab meat

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