Fresh Anise Hyssop Mascapone Frosting For Vanilla Cake

Mascapone is like the heaviest cream made into a mild cheese. Add a Fresh Anise Hyssop Infusion and whip until fluffy. Like heaven! Use to frost a delicate vanilla cake (see my recipe on this site).

1 lb. Mascarpone cheese
Anise Hyssop infusion/syrup from my recipe for Fresh Anise Hyssop Infusion.

Beat mascarpone until smooth.
Slowly stream in 1 cup of Anise Hyssop infusion/syrup until smooth and fluffy (like whipped cream). Fill and frost cooled cake. Decorate the cake with fresh anise hyssop leaves and flowers and the candied anise hyssop sprinkles for more flavor.

Any left over syrup can be refrigerated for up to 3 months. It's really good as a flavored sweetener for hot or cold drinks.

Recipe Summary:
Yield: 2 cups
Prep Time: 15

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