Strawberry Salad

With the warmer winter this year, Charleston has been truly blessed with an abundance of super sweet local strawberries. This is a great way to highlight them or if you are staying at our Inn enjoy the salad at the Old Village Post House Restauratn

3 oz mixed baby greens
3oz strawberries
2 oz goat cheese
1 oz balsamic syrup or saba
1 oz extra virgin olive oil
1 oz toasted hazelnuts
to taste salt and pepper

Toss mixed greens with strawberries, hazelnuts, greens, olive oil, salt and pepper. Pinch off marble sized pieces of the goat cheese and scatter on top of the salad, drizzle with balsamic syrup.

Recipe Summary:
Yield: 1
Prep Time: 20 min

Recipe Provided By:
Old Village Post House
Mount Pleasant, SC

Mount Pleasant Bed and Breakfast Inns