Stuffed Mushroom Soup

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As requested by Bon Appetit magazine, this always is a sell out on our menu. The do-ahead nature and surprising presentation makes it just right for a dinner party.

Stuffed Mushroom Caps
1/2 C sherry
25 mushroom caps
2 C Breadcrumbs
2 C sliced mushrooms (mixed)
2 Eggs
1 C diced onions
1 lb Cheddar Cheese
1 stick melted butter
Scallions for Garnish
1/2 C breakfast sausage, minced
Apple Garnish
25 thick apple slices
25 butter pats
Mushroom stock
4 C mushrooms, sliced
1/2 C sherry
1 C onion, diced
3 quarts chicken stock
1 C celery, diced
2 C cream
1/2 C butter, melted
3/4 C flour

Mushroom Caps
Saute mushrooms, onion, sausage and butter until onions are translucent and sausage is cooked. Deglaze pan with sherry. Add breadcrumbs and eggs, and blend. Stuff each cap, place a slice of cheese on top, and bake at 350 degrees until golden. Set aside.

Apple Garnish
Place apple slices on baking sheet, with pat of butter on each. Sprinkle with salt, cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar. Bake at 350 until golden. Set aside.

Mushroom Stock
Saute mushrooms, onion, celery and butter. Add flour and form roux, deglaze with sherry. Add chicken stock and bring to boil, stirring all the while. Reduce to a simmer, keep stirring, and add cream. Salt and pepper to taste.

To serve: Place stock in decorative tea or coffee pot. Garnish soup plate with apple slice, 2 mushrooms and a scallion. Pour soup over garnish at table. Wow!

Recipe Summary:
Yield: 12

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