Sweet Potato Encrusted Rockfish

Honey marinated rockfish filet stuffed with Genuine Smithfield Ham and jumbo lump crabmeat, rolled in sweet potato breading then pan seared topped with pearl onion honey cream sauce and finished with crispy onion straws.

8-10 oz rockfish filet
1 oz diced Smithfield Ham
1 oz lump crabmeat
a/n honey
6ea pearl onion
a/n sweet potato breading
2oz sweet potato straws
a/n olive oil

*a/n ='s as needed.

Sweet Potato Breading
Equal parts sweet potato (peeled and cubed) and flour. Puree flour and sweet potato until potato is well blended. Place on sheet pan and dry out in 350 degree oven. Crumble till smooth and set aside.

Rockfish Procedure
Take rockfish filet and lightly pound to make it easier to roll
Cut into in to two evenly sized pieces
Place half the ham and crab onto each piece of rockfish
Gentle roll making sure to fold in sides to hold the stuffing

Sweet Potato Straws
Thinly slice sweet potato into thin strips, fry at 350 degrees till crispy

To Cook
Carefully roll stuffed rockfish in sweet potato breading
Place breaded rockfish in sauté pan with hot olive oil
Brown fish on all sides and remove from pan and place in 350 degree oven till done
Add pearl onions to pan and sauté till brown
Deglaze with honey
Add cream and reduce

To Assemble Dish
Place rockfish in center of plate
Pour onion honey sauce on top
Finish with crispy onion straws

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