Vegetarian Satay With Asian Pesto

We have served this at our inn restaurant with rave reviews. Easy to prepare and serve at home, too. Enjoy! - Chef David Smith

1 Zucchini, sliced on the bias 1 inch thick
1 Small Eggplant, sliced in half, then in 1/4 inch slices
10 Large Shitake Mushrooms caps
4 Scallions, 1 inch lengths
2 Red Peppers, cleaned and sliced into 1 inch squares
Wooden Skewers soaked in water
Asian Pesto (or Peanut Pesto)
4 cups Roasted unsalted peanuts, 2 cups for plating
2 Large shallots, sliced
4 Gloves sliced Garlic
3 minced Thai Chiles (Serrano Pepper, good substitute)
3 Kaffir lime leaves (available at most good food co-ops)
2 stalks of lemon grass
1 tbsp of sugar
2 Limes, juiced
2 cups peanut oil
1cup Basil leaves
1/2 cup cilantro leaves
1/2 cup mint leaves
Salt and pepper to taste

Prepare a hot grill. Skewer the vegetables individually onto the pre-soaked skewers (soak for at least an hour) The shitakes should have a scallion on each side. Lightly oil and season the satay skewered vegetables on a hot grill, mark and criss-cross both sides, about 4 to 5 minutes each side.
In a food processor, add 2 cups of peanuts, shallots, garlic, chiles, kaffir and lemon grass, puree until smooth. Add Sugar, lime juice and season. Drizzle in remaining oil and then add Herbs (basil, cilantro and mint)
Lay remainder of peanuts on a large plate, place a bowl of the pesto on the center of the plate and surround with satays. Garnish with additional herbs.

Recipe Summary:
Yield: 4 servings
Prep Time: 25 mins
Cook Time: 10 mins
Rating: 5 of 5 stars

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