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About Us

Founded in 1981, American Historic Inns Inc. and its website, is the industry leader in small distinct inns and bed and breakfast marketing online and via publishing country inn and bed &  breakfast guidebooks. The company is atop its field, selling more bed & breakfast guidebooks than any other publisher, offering the best iphone application for inns - InnTouch, and being the favorite Bed & Breakfast and Country Inns website.

AHI is known for partnering with consumer goods and services for unique and quality run promotions. AHI won the Gold MOTI Award for Outstanding Promotion for its first promotion which was with Nabisco Shredded Wheat. Since entering the promotions industry, American Historic Inns has created promotions for numerous clients such as: American Express, Amtrak, BIC, Cabin Fever Entertainment, Diet Coke, Haagen Dazs, Glen Ellen, Hallmark, Lipton, MasterCard, MCI, Nabisco, Nancy's, Nestle, Nexus Pro Mend shampoo, Post Cereals, Tetley, Uncle Ben's, Wells Fargo Bank and others.

For Sampling Programs, American Historic Inns Inc. selects among the highest-quality applicants in its 21,000-member database. We work exclusively with the top bed & breakfast properties in the country. An average sampling program includes 1,000-3,000 inns.

The travel writers at American Historic Inns Inc. visit inns each year in different regions of the country. An informal team of inngoers also keeps the company informed on the quality of properties. And each year, American Historic Inns Inc. receives thousands of reviews from well-traveled inngoers.

The bed & breakfast industry offers a huge draw for consumers searching for exciting, memorable destinations, and the wide variety of properties allows for versatility in American Historic Inns Inc. promotions. Themes such as romance, health & fitness, history, relaxation, nostalgia, movies, family travel, pet travel and many others can be highlighted.

Couples can stay at a romantic seaside Victorian village. Outdoor enthusiasts can rustle cattle or ride the range at rustic ranch inns nestled on hundreds of scenic acres. Those travelers in search of history and romance, can opt for stunning Southern plantation homes, reminiscent of the movie "Gone With the Wind, " magnificent castles and mansions filled with antiques to professionally run country farmhouse inns on estates or dairy farms where guests awake to a rooster's crow. American Historic Inns promotions offers consumers experiences of a lifetime.

The company is the two-time winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Travel Guide & Best Directory, and is the winner of the Travel Publishing News Best Travel Reference. American Historic Inns Inc. was awarded "Book of the Year for Excellence and Innovation in Marketing," the top honor from the Publishers Marketing Association. The Apple company selected the InnTouch iphone application we developed as a "staff favorite," and featured it in nationwide ads with AT&T. And commenting on its cereal box promotion with American Historic Inns, Nabisco said, "The B&B promotion was the best promotion in the 100 year history of Shredded Wheat.