Darby Cheese Balls

Darby cheese balls are a favorite in the tavern and are also sometimes included on our cheese and fruit platter, as pictured. We recommend serving them with your favorite crackers.

1/2 lb. WisPride (processed cheddar spread)
1/2 lb. cream cheese
2 tb. butter
2 tb. Cream Sherry
1 c. Chopped Walnuts

All ingredients should be at room temperature. Blend all except the walnuts in a mixer at medium speed or by hand with a rubber spatula until thoroughly blended. With wet hands, shape into baseball sized balls and place in small serving dish. Press walnuts onto top. Refrigerate until firm. (You may also roll the ball in the walnuts and place on a dish to chill.)

Recipe Summary:
Yield: 4 cheese balls
Prep Time: 20 minutes

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The Darby Field Inn & Restaurant
Albany, NH

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