Southern Eggnog

6 egg white                           1 Pt. Whipping cream
  6 egg yolks                          12  T. Bourbon [and/or brandy; we used brandy—YUM!]*
6T. Sugar  (I used raw sugar)        Nutmeg (use only the fresh grated, if possible)

Beat egg white until stiff then set aside. {I added some sugar, maybe a T, to the whites)
Whip cream until stiff then set aside. (I added about a T of vanilla and 2 T of sugar to the whipped cream)
Beat Yolks until a satiny, creamy yellow. 
Mix sugar and bourbon then add SLOWLY to the yolk mixture (this was still grainy when I mixed it in, but didn't seem to hurt it any)
as the liquor cooks the eggs and you don't want lumpy nog}; 
Continue mixing until blended. 
Fold yolk mixture into whipped cream;
Carefully fold this mixture into egg whites—you don't have to be too all mixes!
Sprinkle top with Nutmeg and ladle it into punch cups.
Whiskey and sugar - amounts may differ according to tastes; we tried adding brandy.

You'll want to provide spoons for most people as this nog is thick!
You'll need to stir every so often as the bourbon/brandy wants to settle
to the bottom. If place in a clear punch bowl, you will be able to
see when this is needed.

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