Artichoke And Prosciutto Saute

6 EA artichoke hearts(from jar)
12 OZ prosciutto
1 OZ butter
3 OZ garlic (chopped)
1 OZ white wine
dash parmesan cheese
dash chopped parsley
splash lemon juice

Julienne 12 oz prosciutto with a splash of oil into saute pan.

Heat prosciutto until it begins to curl and add 6 pieces artichoke.

Add 2 oz chopped garlic, (cook garlic slightly, but not brown) & 1 oz white wine and a splash of lemon juice.

Add 1 oz whole butter and reduce slightly.

Ideally served in a boat dish topped with a sprinkle of parsley

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1859 Historic National Hotel, A Country Inn
Jamestown, CA

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