Best Bed & Breakfast Blogs by Innkeepers


July 17, 2008 Best Blog:

Name of Blog:  Gettysburg Innsider

Innkeeper & Inn:  Christine & Todd Thomas   The Doubleday Inn

Why we like this blog:  Here is another set of innkeepers who have decided to try their hand at a blog in order to stay in touch with their guests and offer valuable information on events in the Gettysburg, PA area. Written by a now official Gettysburg Town Guide, you can learn about the latest local news such as the opening of the Gettysburg National Military Park Museum & Visitors Center, as well as the daily, ranger-led Battle Walks that offer an opportunity to learn about key phases in the historical Battle of Gettysburg.

Clips from the blog:   Our very favorite programs are the 3:30 pm daily Battle Walks with a Ranger, where you spend a minimum of two hours with a ranger, walking the grounds and studying a particular phase of the fighting during the Battle of Gettysburg. There simply is no substitute for walking the ground here to really gain an understanding of how the events played out.


July 7, 2008 Best Blog:

Name of Blog:  The Blog

Innkeeper & Inn:  Jill and James Meyer  Captain's House Inn

Why we like this blog:  The Blog was started by innkeepers, Jill and James, to tell their story. We found it to be refreshing and informative with personal details about their lives and their choice to become innkeepers. They share the road traveled in becoming the successful owners of the Captain’s House Inn, life in Chatham and Cape Cod, and fun experiences like searching for the area’s best Clam Chowder!

Clips from the blog:   Here in Chatham, Massachusetts, it's pronounced "chowdah," but however you pronounce it, one thing is for sure - tourists and locals alike are constantly on the prowl for the best bowl around. Join us as we embark on our own mission to find the tastiest- then go try for yourself when you visit us on your next Cape Cod vacation.


June 23, 2008 Best Blog:

Name of Blog:  Notes from The Iron Mangle 

Innkeeper & Inn:   Bobbi McCrea               The Bohemian Bed and Breakfast

Why we like this blog:  Notes from the Iron Mangle gives readers insight into the life of Bobbi McCrea; innkeeper, mother, substitute teacher, and environmentalist. She shares with us her many life experiences and the things that inspire her such as the determination of elementary school band students. Her blog is personable and informative providing information on recycling and composting practices she implements daily at her inn.

Clips from the blog:   In addition to guests, I am fortunate enough to experience grade school and grammar. Subbing is a great gig! The other day I got to be the band teacher. I mean how cool. I had as much fun as I did when we played school as kids in the basement. So when I found myself in the real school basement teaching band, I was beside myself! There is nothing like seeing these eager children puffing up with probably not enough practice and misplaced air just go to-ot it! I was absolutely blown away with their unabashed determination and innocence.


June 9, 2008 Best Blog:

Name of Blog:  Vintage Gardens Bed and Breakfast Blog 

Innkeeper & Inn:   Kimberlee and Michael Meeks Vintage Gardens Bed and Breakfast 

Why we like this blog:  The Vintage Gardens Blog is a new endeavor for these innkeepers. It is their goal to keep readers updated on events taking place at the inn and in the Finger Lakes area. The blog features happenings such as sightings of seasonal flora and fauna, plans for their own gardens, the opening of the famous Erie Canal, and information on  special events such as  local festivals and golf tournaments.

Clips from the blog:   We have many animals here at Vintage Gardens.  Yesterday Mike saw several Mallard ducks at the back of our property down in Millitary Brook.   I still hear Canadian Geese flying over head making their way south to warmer climates.  We keep the feeders full for the squirrels and other birds that brave the stay.  It is always exciting to see a new bird or animal on the property.  Yesterday we saw our first Northern Flicker.


May 28, 2008 Best Blog:

Name of Blog:  Hydrangea House Inn Blog 

Innkeeper & Inn:  Grant Edmondson and Dennis Blair  Hydrangea House Inn  

Why we like this blog:  Newport, RI is a vibrant community and the new Hydrangea House Inn blog will keep readers up to date on all the latest happenings. Read about the famous Newport Music Festival, Newport Folk Festival, and Annual Flower Show. Learn about personal things going on in the lives of the inn’s staff and even the history of famous family recipes.

Clips from the blog:   The Newport Folk Festival is a multi-day, multi-stage music festival held at the historic International Tennis Hall of Fame and Fort Adams State Park in Newport, Rhode Island. The Newport Folk Festival brings together some of the most prolific performers of our times with roots to folk music.


May 16, 2008 Best Blog: 

Name of Blog:  Jeremiah Inn Bed & Breakfast Blog

Innkeeper & Inn:  Bob and Beth Miner            Jeremiah Inn Bed & Breakfast 

Why we like this blog:  Here is an  innkeeper who has made an excellent start with their blog. Innkeepers all over the country are discovering the value of blogging.  The Jeremiah Inn’s blog is very inviting and informative with its bright colors and photos. Read about the Santa Catalina mountains, local botanicals, historic locations, and events in the Tucson area.

Clips from the blog:  A neighbor phoned early this morning to let us know that seven of her night-blooming cereus had exploded into bloom last evening and Bob and I were able to take photos this morning - wish we could include the wonderful fragrance that accompanied the blooms.


April 30, 2008 Best Blog:  

Name of Blog:  Rainforestinn’s B&B Blog

Innkeeper & Inn:  Bill and Laurie Rainforest Inn 

Why we like this blog:   Here’s a blog that sets itself apart from most B&B blogs with its truly creative and personal writing. Read about the innkeeper's personalities, their hobbies and even their “special guests” at the inn (a couple of terriers, a shepherd, and a coqui named Pedro). This blog will give you an up close and personal view of the life Bill and Laurie lead running the Rainforest Inn in Puerto Rico.

Clips from the blog:  This is a picture of my bike, taken this morning, leaning up against the sign just up the road from our entrance. I love to bike up that road in the morning. The rainforest is densely packed green vegetation on each side and the trees grow over and shade the road. There are stands of bamboo that move in the early morning breeze making spooky sounds. Two bridge crossings go over the headwaters of the Espiritu Santo River with lovely waterfalls on the south side of the bridge and an expansive view down the mountain to the north. After that early morning ride I always feel more full of energy and more able to deal with another day of not enough time (to blog).


April 23, 2008 Best Blog:

Name of Blog:  There is poetry here...

Innkeeper & Inn:  Linda and Phil Halpern Brook Farm Inn 

Why we like this blog:   This blog is off to a great start! The innkeepers have made it easy to find subjects of interest under “Catagories”. You can read about local attractions, dining and news. Links to the Chamber of Commerce, area theaters, and restaurants make it simple to access information. Frequent postings keep readers up to date on all the latest events for Lenox. MA

Clips from the blog:  The Lenox Chamber of Commerce is launching a two week program of free events to educate and inspire people to live healthier lives. There will be lectures, yoga classes, and outdoor activities. Some of the participants are: Canyon Ranch, Kripalu, Lenox Fitness Center, and The Ultra Wellness Center (Dr. Mark Hyman.) For a schedule of events, go to the Chamber of Commerce Calendar of Events.

April 14, 2008 Best Blog:


Name of Blog: Gillum House Blog

Innkeeper & Inn:  Kathleen Panek Gillum House 

Why we like this blog:   Lively and chatty describe the Gillum House blog. Innkeeper Kathleen Panek shares all the local news for Shinnston. She covers everything from high school sports to local associations to the weather. Learn about upcoming special events, restaurants, and even other B&Bs on her site.

Clips from the blog:  I am happy to report rehearsals have started with the Shinnston Community Band for our concerts this summer. July 1 will be the annual Independence Concert and Fireworks and the Band will also be performing a concert for the Shinnston-Lincoln Alumni festivities July 19. We may have another performance but it has yet to be announced. Until next time....


April 7, 2008 Best Blog:

Innkeeper & Inn: Jeanne Muir & Jim Ford Thomas Shepherd Inn Bed and Breakfast

Name of Blog:  InnSIGHTS

Why we like this blog:   InnSIGHTS, the blog from the Thomas Shepherd Inn, offers frequent postings on the latest happenings in Shepherdstown, reviews of local restaurants, inn recipes, as well as a funny quote of the day. The posts are organized by subject at the side of the page which makes it easy to search for the topic of your choice. Colorful photos add to the interest.

Clips from the blog:   In Shepherdstown, West Virginia, just 70 miles from DC, guests at the Thomas Shepherd Inn can enjoy music, movies, and theater along with a myriad of dining choices in the oldest town in WV, all within walking distance. Heritage music comes alive every Thursday night at O'Hurleys General Store, where local musicians including store owner Jay Hurley meet for a jam session of dulcimer music and Appalachian songs. Shepherdstown Music and Dance also has a full schedule of contra and Morris dancing, concerts and May Day festivities.   

March 31, 2008 Best Blog:

Innkeeper & Inn: Patti Campbell  Campbell House Bed & Breakfast 

Name of Blog:  Innkeeper's Blog

Why we like this blog:  Be sure to visit the Innkeeper's Blog at the Campbell House Bed & Breakfast for the personal side of Innkeeper, Patti Campbell. The blog is regularly updated with Patti's latest thoughts as well as the current events, packages, and specials. Read about seasonal happenings at the inn and special events in Ligonier, PA.

Clips from the blog:   March Inn to Campbell House during the month of March! Mention this March Inn Promotion when you book your room and get a Orla Soy Candle and a Companion Music CD. Orla 100% soy wax candles are clean burning, hand poured with premium fragrance and essential oils. Good for the planet and good for you! Enjoy your visit, listen to music while your orla candle burns softly.


March 24, 2008 Best Blog: ttp://

Innkeeper & Inn: Joe and Susan Woodward  Hallauer House Bed & Breakfast

Name of Blog:  Muffins, Mutterings and Musings

Why we like this blog:  This creatively named blog is filled with quite a variety of information including the happenings at Oberlin College, Lorain County, and in Northeast Ohio. First time B & B’ers will find it a place to get information on what a bed & breakfast is and why they are the place for an alternative lodging experience. Restaurant reviews, historical information, as well as delicious recipes can all be found here!

Clips from the blog:   One of the most popular packages that we offer here at Hallauer House B & B in Oberlin is the History Buff Package and one of the things received in that package is the book "The Town That Started the Civil War" by Nat Brandt. So mark your calendar now and make plans to visit Oberlin in mid April when Nat Brandt will be presenting several programs co-sponsored by the Oberlin College Archives and the Oberlin Heritage Center in partnership with the Oberlin Wellington Rescue Coalition.



March 17, 2008 Best Blog:

Innkeeper & Inn: Anita and Tom Potts  South Court Inn 

Name of Blog:  South Court Inn Blog

Why we like this blog:  Looking for things to do in Luray, Virginia? You'll want to check out this blog! Filled with entries on all the happenings from the blooming of the daffodils to the Luray Festival of Spring to the Celtic Music Concert and events at the Center For Performing Arts. These innkeepers have gone out of their way to keep you informed and provide a great resource of information on local events.

Clips from the blog:   Make sure you mark your calendars to be in Luray, Virginia Mother's Day weekend. That will make sure your are here for our 4th annual Luray Festival of Spring, 10 May 2008. Along with all the crafters, food vendors, and live music, we'll be having Duck Races again this year. The big Duck Race news is that first price in our first duck race will be a 3-night stay in a fantastic house in Duck, North Carolina, valued at $1,000.


March 10, 2008 Best Blog:

Innkeeper & Inn: Erika and Chris Arcady Vineyard Bed & Breakfast

Name of Blog:  Arcady Vineyard Blog

Why we like this blog:  If you are interested in wine, and wine tours/tastings in the Charlottesville, VA area you won’t want to miss this blog! The innkeepers at the Arcady Vineyard run Virginia Wine Tasting Tours and have filled their blog with information on all the local vineyards and their many special events. Great ideas for weekend getaway activities, like hot air balloon rides, can also be found on this fun, creative blog.

Clips from the blog:  There are lots of things to do if you enjoy the outdoors here in Charlottesville, and one of my favorites is the "Saturdays in the Garden" series put out by Monticello. Every Saturday morning from March through December it's something different, from learning about planting a vineyard from our own Gabrielle Rausse, who started some of the local vineyards back when nobody thought we could make wine here, to instructions on gathering seeds in autumn, to making Christmas Wreaths. Almost all the classes charge a paltry $10 to attend and are great fun. I'm listing the schedule so you can see if you can hit one on your weekend visiting here in Charlottesville.



March 3, 2008 Best Blog:

Innkeeper & Inn: Darin and Kristin Gillenwater Meadowood Bed & Breakfast

Name of Blog:  Meadowood B&B Blog

Why we like this blog:  This blog caught our attention with its variety of creative and fun postings. Read about the innkeeper’s fishing on the trout stream in 30 degree temps, the remodel of the BRIGHT, yellow laundry room, and the naming of their new suite “The Moon River Suite”.  Great photos add to the interest!

Clips from the blog:  So…we had a great day out there! It was about 30 degrees, the guides kept icing up (referring to both the guides on the rods and the guides known as us!) and we frequently had to push through skim layers of ice. I personally landed two trophy rainbow trout- a 22 inch and a 24 inch. The sad part about the 24 was that we were all spread out and there was no one to take a pic. I snapped one in the water before I landed it. Beautiful fish. Besides those two, I caught four little guys (comparatively speaking) and broke off another big one.


February 25, 2008 Best Blog:

Innkeeper & Inn: Ron & Lani Riches Monmouth Plantation 

Name of Blog:  Monmouth Plantation Blog

Why we like this blog:  Get a real taste of southern living by visiting this blog. Discover true southern hospitality, including the many events going on at the Monmouth Plantation, a National Historic Landmark, as well as the guest’s own experiences while visiting the antebellum mansion. Delicious recipes and specialty drinks of the south also can be found here.

Clips from the blog:  Upon arrival in Natchez and driving up the gorgeous driveway of the Monmouth located at 36 Melrose Avenue, one is instantly exposed to the beauty of the South with the trees, foliage, beautiful flowers, and gardens that surround this majestic mansion. But, as much as the natural beauty of this awesome historic home is breathtaking, one is immediately welcomed by the warmest, friendliest staff who make the entire visit at Monmouth unforgettable. By the time you leave Monmouth you will feel like family and want to return to these grounds to see them all again.


February 18, 2008 Best Blog:

Innkeeper & Inn: Annette and Terry Hazzard  Blue Harbor House

Name of Blog:  Blue Harbor House Blog

Why we like this blog:  Photos of the fabulous fall colors of midcoast Maine will catch your eye when you visit this blog.  Reading on you will learn about many of the local events like the Winterfest going on in and around the coastal village of Camden.  Information on inn discounts and blog specials are an added bonus.

Clips from the blog:  The centerpiece of Camden's wonderful Winterfest is the amazing Ice Carving Event. A dozen teams transform ordinary blocks of ice into crystaline ice sculptures.In addition to the ice carving, there is winter fun, music, hot food, street hockey, horse drawn carriage rides and family activities to round out the day’s activities. This all takes place Feb 2nd and 3rd 2008. 

February 11, 2008 Best Blog:

Innkeeper & Inn: Buddy Marcum  Inn at Long Lake

Name of Blog:  Inn at Long Lake Blog

Why we like this blog:  Looking for fun things to do in the Naples, Maine'll want to check out this blog. Full of great information about local festivals, carnivals, and outdoor activities for all seasons. You'll find an array of enticing inn packages and creative ideas for celebrating the holidays throughout the year.  This blog is a great resource when planning a getaway to Maine!

Clips from the blog:  Mushers Bowl At Five Fields Farm, Bridgton Mushers Bowl is ISDRA sanctioned event with competitors from throughout the USA. Events include Sled Dog and Skijorring. Winter Carnival is a good old fashion event throughout the Lakes Region Maine with great food,outdoor acitvities. Now a 9 day event. 

February 4, 2008 Best Blog:

Innkeeper & Inn: Jill Ryan and Kelly Hill  Black Star Farms

Name of Blog:  Black Star Farms Blog

Why we like this blog: This blog is so well organized! It features a column marked "Catagories" where you can click to read all the postings about any one of the many activities going on at the Black Star Farms including the winery, the creamery, the farm and stables, and of course special event information. With so much going on at this inn, this really helps consolidate the information. We also found this blog to be creative with a video tour of the inn, as well as a fascinating one of the Ice Wine harvest. Read about everything from the harvesting of the grapes to the many wine tours and tastings available at the inn.

Clips from the blog:  Mother Nature called, and fifteen intrepid souls answered on December 5th. They met up at our Old Mission winery in a blinding snow storm with 9 degree wind chills and set out for the 7 Hills Vineyard to pick grapes. The Riesling had been left to hang after the regular harvest and covered with netting to stymie the birds, in hopes that the right conditions would prevail throughout the remainder of the autumn to eventually produce frozen grapes for ice wine. The crew was made up not only of our usual vineyard management guys, but also of winery and tasting room staffers and even one of our innkeepers!


January 28, 2007 Best Blog:

Innkeeper & Inn: Rita TImewell & Stephanie Carlson, Albert Shafsky House Bed & Breakfast

Name of Blog:  Albert Shafsky House Blog

Why we like this blog:  This blog is full of useful information for innkeepers and prospective innkeepers alike. Rita and Stephanie have owned the Albert Shafsky House for 5 years and share with you their thoughts and ideas on running a California bed & breakfast. From how to start a blog, to their "Top 10 reasons to become an innkeeper...or why we did at least", to innkeeper conferences and trade shows, this blog offers detailed information on many aspects of inn ownership.

Clips from the blog:  Running an inn is not just a job, it's an adventure (and a way of life).  It is very rewarding and you will be your own boss.  That is the good news and the you can decide to live the dream, or just keep staying at inns as a guest.  We purchased the Albert Shafsky House B&B in Placerville after reading, and staying at several B&Bs, until we were confident that it was not just a dream, but the reality we really wanted.  And have not regreted it for a moment.

January 21, 2007 Best Blog:

Innkeeper & Inn: Lynn and Victor, Hotel Charlotte

Name of Blog:  Hotel Charlotte, Groveland & Yosemite - LIttle tidbits about the Hotel, Groveland, Yosemite and more.

Why we like this blog:    We love this Blog for many reasons but especially for the fact that Innkeepers Lynn and Victor personify the true characteristics of innkeepers who love what they do! Why else would they go to the trouble to make sure that we can follow them along their adventuress through Asia, other than they like to open their hearts and homes to us? Let’s not forget the wonderful advice and links they provide first time visitors to Yosemite Park to maneuver their stay. Overall a very warm and inviting Blog with extensive guidance and photos to make your next call be to the Hotel Charlotte for reservations.

Innkeepers - Lynn and Victor

Clips from the blog:  Asia Recipe Research Trip 2008

A million pieces dinnerware
We get here about 10 am and are surprised by how seemingly quiet it is. We enjoy a leisurely pace roaming the narrow passages and head to get a cooling beverage. Having been out on the street now for several hours, we have lost most of our water retention and need to refuel. I enjoy the best treat! They call is a shake, but really it is just crushed ice. I choose a fresh squeezed lime-soda flavor and it is the perfect remedy, tart and sour but refreshing as heck. We watch the hordes arrive.

Deciding to join them, we pay our bill and head into the chaos. I have a map. We look up where the pets are, maybe they have a cute dog like Bob that we can hold and coo over. They have many cute ones, none like Bob. We meander here and there, looking unsuccessfully for the eyeglasses. Victor needs some new frames. We find instead dishes, millions of plates, bowls and the like all priced at pennies! We think we will replate the Hotel Charlotte and talk to the seller about shipping. She gives us a phone number. This is not very helpful, we don't yet have a phone.

Time for lunch. Something light and fruity with rice, green rice. Odd but delicious. Victor reads the map and finds several exporters have booths at the market. We head out again looking for the exporters. We find some great furniture, but no export offices.


January 14, 2007 Best Blog:

Innkeeper & Inn: Tim and Amy Brady Forty Putney Road Bed & Breakfast

Name of Blog:  Forty Putney Road Blog

Why we like this blog:  This fun filled, adventurous blog follows the active lifestyle of the young innkeepers at Forty Putney Road. It is filled with stories of their travels and activities in and around Brattleboro, VT. The innkeepers share their recommendations for local spots that are both unique and interesting to visit such as The Vermont Country Store and T.J. Buckleys. Also highlighted on the blog is the innkeepers passion for both imported and locally brewed beers to serve in the inn's own pub, The Putney Road Pub. Creative and fun photos will inspire you to take a trip to Vermont for a taste of not only the beer, but the amazing lifestyle.

Clips from the blog:  We took the plunge and finally blocked all of the rooms and took a day off, our first day off in six months.  In the words of Homer Simpson “Woo Hoo”! 
On November 6th, for my birthday (which is really the 7th but we already had bookings); we went on an adventure through Southern Vermont.   We started with a straight shot up 91 North to Harpoon Brewing Company in Windsor.  The ride was beautiful, because the foliage was late this year, we could still enjoy the end of it with the beautiful burnt orange and red colors.  We pulled into Harpoon to find we were the only customers.  That’s okay more beer for us then.

In an effort to be able to send our guests to unique and interesting places, we make an effort to explore all kinds of destinations.  Some are clearly more touristy than others.  When we set out for the Vermont Country Store, we could almost picture the aisles of syrup and cheese ahead of us... We visited their satellite store, in Rockingham. We took a nice short 30 minute drive up route 5 to get there, just a left out of our parking lot and we were on our way. The Vermont Country Store is like a Martha Stuart novelty shop on steroids in Vermont (Hows that for an analogy!). 

January 7, 2007 Best Blog:

Innkeeper & Inn: Sarah Pebworth, The Blue Hill Inn

Name of Blog:  The Blue Hill Inn Blog

Why we like this blog:  Self proclaimed "FMS" - Fear of Missing Something - Innkeeper, Sarah Pebworth is a great source for all travelers in the Maine area of Blue Hill. Within her blog she highlights some of the many great events in surrounding areas, such as the free party given by the Peninsula Pan, consisting of live music in 11 venues. She also shares some personal favorites when it comes to literature choices to pass your evening next to the fireplace while staying at one of the Cape House Suites. Along with her breath taking photos we find this blog up to date, informative and creative with a special touch of the innkeeper’s personality.

Clips from the blog:  Happy New Year!

I went walking around town this morning, to see if I could show you how much snow we have. I could hear the ice tinkling up to the shore as the tide came in. Cabin fever hasn’t set in yet by any means, but I thought I’d mention a few books I’ve enjoyed lately. For a bit of nonfiction, I highly recommend The Price of Clams, by Lloyd Capen. He presents an intimate look at Deer Isle and the surrounding area from 1930-1943. I would love a book publisher to get a hold of this and print a new edition with more photos and a bigger map and well, just more. You can get a signed copy from Blue Hill Books. (And here's my plug for small, independently owned bookshops: buy from them.)


December 31, 2007 Best Blog:

Innkeeper & Inn: Little River Bed and Breakfast

Name of Blog:  Little River Bed and Breakfast Blog

Why we like this blog:  It seems there’s a lot going on in and around Peterborough, New Hampshire and Little River B&B’s blog shares the excitement. They note local theater and visits from Barak Obama and John Edwards during campaign stomps. However, even more enjoyable is a note about an inn-side event– an unplanned B&B pajama party requested by guests. Sharing moments like this (see below) remind me again of joyous little life moments that happen repeatedly at bed and breakfast inns. Sharing it in the blog is a gift to the reader and sparks the imagination of potential guests to plan their visits with fun in mind.

Clips from the blog:  ... what will happen around here. This week has been full of interesting moments and pleasant surprises!

We started off on Monday morning with a "Pajama Breakfast". A group of guests who had been staying with us for the weekend asked if they could have a "later" breakfast (at 9:00 AM) and if they could come down in their pajamas. We were happy to oblige... and in fact we came down in our PJs too (after showering and putting on clean pajamas, of course). It was a casual and fun change to the normal routine.



December 24, 2007 Best Blog:

Innkeeper & Inn: Hilary Jones & Derrek Schlottmann, Admiral Peary House

Hilary Jones & Derrek Schlottmann - Innkeepers

Name of Blog:  Admiral Peary House Blog

Why we like this blog:  From snow reports, “ Snow Much Fun” to $3 ski celebrations  and open house toffee this B&B blog speaks of the variety and uniqueness of living that is so compelling about visiting bed and breakfasts. This blog lets us into the life that is so much different than ours if we live away from ski areas. At the same time it inspires us with everyday snippets and even photographs of a squirrel with his head inside a retired pumpkin.

Clips from the blog:  Snow Much Fun

This has to be the best start to the winter season we've had since we took over the inn nearly five years ago. Since my last post at the beginning of the month, we've had no less than 3 big storms and with almost three feet of snow on the ground already its certainly looking a lot like Christmas. I went skiing for the first time in two years yesterday - to Cranmore where they had their 70th Anniversary ski day with lift tickets at 1937 prices. As if that weren't incentive enough, it snowed all Thursday so we had terrific conditions and all-day skiing for just over $3!!!

We can't promise you deals like that all the time (though we do have some killer bed, breakfast and ski packages for midweek) but there's certainly a lot going on in the valley right now and through the New Year. All the ski hills are open with lots of terrain, the cross country conditions are awesome and for all non-skiers, Terry at Fryeburg Snowmobile up the road will get you up and going on a snowmobile if you fancy something a little different. Pity that Derrek and I are going to be too busy with our guests this week to take advantage of some of this, but that's the life of an innkeeper!

December 17, 2007 Best Blog:

Innkeeper & Inn: Mary Jo & Michael Salmon, Hartstone Inn

Name of Blog:  The Blog~The Latest News and Musings

Why we like this blog: The Hartstone Inn combines a lovely sense of humor and aliveness with the innkeepers' photos and comments on life and adventures in and around Camden, Maine. (Our favorite photo is the gorgeous snowman built right in front of the inn’s sign.)To date, the best innkeeper blogs we have seen are those with an entry made almost every day.  It definitely assures you that there is an abundance of life happening in Maine in the winter – including photos of art, fashion shows and fabulous cuisine – yummy enough to brave driving over the meadows and through the woods to Camden. When you scroll through the blog you are totally assured that this is a great getaway and you will not be disappointed and, in fact, you might as well stay a few days more!

Clips from the blog:

Guest Chef Makes Cameo Appearance at Camden Inn

Winter Wonderland - The first major snowstorm of the season has arrived in Maine. Winter, it appears, is coming in -- like a lion. According to the National Weather Service, Camden is expected to receive 8-14 inches of snow through Tuesday morning. This candid shot of celebrity chef "Frosty" was snapped by innkeeper Barbara during a break in the storm. With beet  eyes,  a carrot nose, a crescent shaped sweet potato for a mouth and a snow "Toque," frosty welcomed guests as they arrived  at the Hartstone Inn.  As for Frosty's cooking skills, Chef Michael could not be reached for comment.


December 10, 2007 Best Blog:

Innkeeper & Inn: Sven Rudstrom and Alexandra Grabbe, Chez Sven Bed & Breakfast

Name of Blog:  Wellfleet Chezsven Blog

Why we like this blog:  This well-written blog is appealing to both travelers and other innkeepers as the innkeeper allows you into the daily life of running an inn. They are renovating and that part of their daily experience makes its way into the blog. For instance, “Yesterday Sven and I saw a wild turkey on our way back home from the dump,” followed by a photo of a beautiful wild turkey,  is the kind of writing and photo journaling that keeps the reader involved and wanting to go there. Because the inn welcomes children, there are photos of children playing at the Wellfleet seashore, a quick visual that tells you to bring your kids or anyone else that wants to be near a beautiful beach.  

Clips from the blog:  Seagull Cottage Makes the Boston Globe!

In today’s Travel section of the Boston Globe, readers will find a neat little article about Chez Sven’s cottage, written by Kathleen Burge and her husband Rich Barlow, who were guests this September and surprised me, after the fact, with the announcement that they are also correspondents for the Boston newspaper. I was glad to see they were able to enjoy the walk to Dyer Pond, a soft sand path strewn with pine-needles. Our "secret" pond became famous several years ago after a New York Times reporter called it “the most beautiful, the most hidden, the most serene.” Of course, we were delighted that Kathleen and Rich liked Seagull Cottage so much that it became the focus of a travel piece. The article can be found online.

Dyer Pond is beautiful at all seasons, but I find it spectacular in spring, when the leaves have begun to unfurl and turtles frolic on a broken tree limb, overhanging the water (see blog May 24, 2007 for more photos). As Kathleen mentions, there isn't a soul around. Chez Sven guests get to experience Nature under privileged circumstances. We all seek out this peace in life and wish it on our brothers, especially during the holiday season. Dyer Pond is truly special. Sven and I feel lucky to live so close by and enjoy sharing this bounty with the folks who choose to stay at our green bed & breakfast.


December 3, 2007 Best Blog:

Innkeeper & Inn: Chloe Tuttle - Big Mill Bed and Breakfast, North Carolina

Name of Blog:  Chloe's Blog from Big Mill

Why we like this blog:  This is a heartwarming blog filled with food, family, history and culture. It is filled with down home discussions of the local area and lets you get to know the innkeeper. There’s a wonderful entry with photos from the innkeeper’s childhood spent on Big Mill farm which now has become the inn.(The innkeeper also has a food blog). Yummy cuisine photos makes the blog even more relevant and starts the saliva glands going. Before you know it, you are connected to the innkeeper and not just reading about a faceless inn. You want an experience yourself here and can anticipate fresh sun dried sheets ( beautiful lakeside views and great food.  I would like to see more lake views and flora and fauna stories ala Annie Dillard.

Clips from the blog: Sweet Potato or Yam?

This old Dodge farm truck hauled bushels of sweet potatoes to the potato house (right of truck).

"There is a difference between a sweet potato and a yam. They aren’t even related yet sweet potatoes are often mistakenly referred to as yams. Sweet potatoes are actually the root of a morning glory vine. A yam is the tuber of a vine grown in Central and South America.

Yams are quite toxic if eaten raw. Sweet potatoes are a good eaten raw and I know for a fact that they will give you a stomach ache if you eat too many. But they are not toxic.

Somehow the word candied just seems to pair with yam. Oh, well, henceforth, it will be Candied Sweet Potatoes around here. Maybe someone should ask the USDA why they require the word yam to accompany sweet potato on package labeling.

When I was growing up on the farm here at Big Mill we grew lots of sweet potatoes.  My father’s favorite was Hayman, an heirloom sweet potato. They are pale green in color and produce fewer potatoes per acre, but locals declare they taste better.

Everyone saved seed potatoes so we never had to buy the plants. We raised acres of sweet potatoes and folks came from all over to buy my father’s Hayman potatoes.

Sweet potatoes are harvested or dug in the fall. After we dug the potatoes they were cured with a low heat. The potato house is my favorite of all the barns here at Big Mill Bed & Breakfast.

I do believe the Hayman sweet potatoes are sweeter."

November 26, 2007 Best Blog:

Innkeeper & Inn: Rita and Dave Nelson, Port Washington Inn

Name of Blog:  Port Washington Inn Blog

Why we like this blog:  This blog is fairly active which seems to be the greatest challenge for innkeepers. Yet the busier things are at the inn, the more likely there are great things to write about such as fall colors, holiday events, etc. These are also the activities that promise peak experiences and that will capture extra guests to fill in midweek openings and special offers. The innkeeper uses their blog primarily to announce current events and things to do in the area. They include eye-catching photos. Most posts are brief and interesting.

Clips from the blog: 

Bahr Creek Llamas & Fiber Studio

What a delight to step into the Fiber Studio at Bahr Creek Llama Farm! If you take inspiration from beautiful yarns and fibers, you WILL be inspired!! Everywhere you turn there are beautifully creative samples and gorgeous skeins of yarn.

There are also classes in felting, weaving, spinning, knitting and crocheting.

Check out their website at

Brigitte is open to planning a class (minimum of 3 people who want to do the same thing).

Gather your friends, arrange a time (call 262-668-6417),  then reserve rooms at the Port Washington Inn. Look for our winter women’s specials.

November 19, 2007 Best Blog:

Innkeeper & Inn: Brigette and Dave Walters, Inn on Mill Creek

Name of Blog:  The Inn on Mill Creek Innblog

Why we like this blog:  What we like about this blog is that the innkeepers at Inn at Mill Creek are fairly new B&B owners but have managed to keep up with their blogging in a timely fashion. They have also taken the time to research and share Places to Go, People to see in the local area, Restaurant Recommendations and Festivals and Special Events. This site also shares many beautiful pictures to visually show the wonderful secluded property all guests would be enjoying during a stay. Overall a very appealing blog.

Clips from the blog:

We still can't believe how long fall is lasting this year. We're almost midway through November, but you wouldn't know it by looking at the trees. This final fall foliage report should've happened earlier, but we're glad we're still reporting on all the color. It seems for every tree that sheds all its leaves, another one bursts forth in a blaze of red, gold or orange.



Inn on Mill Creek - North Carolina

November 12, 2007 Best Blog:

Innkeeper & Inn:  Bill and Theresa  Hamilton, The Fairbanks House  

Name of Blog: What I Saw On My Walk Today

Why we like this blog:  This blog idea is quite enticing, “what I saw on my walk today”. It makes it easy to enter into the innkeepers experience of that day and compare it to your own. Then you see there’s  more to life than where you are. I like the consistency of the entries and especially enjoyed them because of that. I believe the blog would be better if there were more editing on the photos – its so easy to love them all when you first take them, but somewhat of a burden for others if you don’t discipline the selection.

Clips from the blog:
November 7, 2007

Gathering Place: I found this "bench" formation on a trail set back from the Greeway. There were no markings anywhere to signify who had set it up and why but, because it was in a hidden spot in the woods I'm thinking teen hangout. Besides, it's about 150 yards from the high school. It's a nice serene setting, whatever its use.

The Fairbanks House - Amelia Island, Florida

October 29, 2007 Best Blog:

Innkeeper & Inn:  Monica and Rock, White Cedar Inn

Name of Blog: White Cedar Inn Today

Why we like this blog:  This blog offers enticing activities and large compelling photos that are the eye candy to keep me scanning through. Mentioning gourmet progressive dinners and showing close-up photos of the cuisine has my mouth water and showing the path to Bradbury Mountain with the bright green canopy over the leaf-strewn path made me hear the crunch of leaves and want my foot on the path.

Clips from the blog:
October 16, 2007

Today I just couldn't stay inside any longer! Right after breakfast Bre and I headed for Bradbury Mountain State Park in Pownal. If you've never been there, it's 6 miles from here and a fairly straight shot. And now that the Pownal Rd is newly paved, it's not only a straight shot but an easy one, too. Although most of the state parks are 'closed' for the season, access to the park is simple. You drive up to the gatehouse, deposit your park fee in the green can and head on in. Of course, paying is on the honor system, but c'mon, you've got 3 bucks, put it in the can!


October 22, 2007 Best Blog:

Innkeeper & Inn:  Janice & George Yankowski, Maine Stay Inn & Cottages

Name of Blog: An Innsider's Guide to Kennebunkport

Why we like this blog:  I love this blog because every single week George gives me another reason to wish I were visitng Kennebunkport. It is consistant, has lots of links if I want all the details to the events, provides the eye candy to keep my attention, and there's an archived blog with dates. I also am convinced that I cannot get this experience anywhere but Kennebunkport and if I go to the Maine Stay they will make sure I have a good time. In case I'm thinking of going two months from now for my anniversary, I can research what happened about that time last year in the archive. The tone is friendly and welcoming and states on every page that the Maine Stay "has the nicest guests". The blog makes me happy even before I get there!

Clips from the blog:
Friday, October 12, 2007

Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides in Kennebunkport
What could be more romantic? Take a horse-drawn carriage through the historic district of Kennebunkport or better yet, have the carriage take you for your romantic dinner at one of 
Kennebunkport's many fine restaurants.  If it's more than the two of you for the weekend, invite your entire group for a horse-drawn wagon ride. These wagon rides can accomodate up to 20 adults. And lest we forget, we are only a short time from having another romantic option. Before you know it, Rockin' Horse Stables will be offering horse-drawn sleigh rides. Brrrrr!