Asian Vermicelli With Sauteed Chicken And Cilantro Nuts

3C Light Soy

2C Sherry

1C Tomato Paste

1C Lime Juice

1LB. Brown Sugar

2t Sesame Oil

1T Siricha Sauce

2t Ginger, minced

2t Garlic, minced

Mix all ingredients together and blend well till sugar is dissolved, hold till ready to use.

Cellophane Noodles

2 LB Soak in hot water till done. About 5-7 minutes.


2C Cashews, macadamia or peanuts

1 Cilantro, bunch

Put nuts into food processor, then cilantro on top. Pulse until coarse.

You can add your favorite vegetables to this dish. I use red bell pepper, carrots and mushrooms. You can substitute shrimp, crawfish, pork or beef for the chicken.

Recipe Summary:

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