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We are delighted to have finally chosen this year's best and most romantic B&Bs with your help. We have researched the findings of our staff and also have considered every single one of the inns suggested for this award by our readers, our destination reviewers and other secret sources. We've included bed and breakfasts we have found to be truly exceptional.

The quality of experience at these properties give guests memories of a lilfe time. I've puzzled for a long time over the Framington Heart Studies that have revealed that those who vacation more, live longer and have less heart disease. Reading the joyful reviews from visitors to the properties featured on www.iLoveInns.com have given me more understanding of why this is true. You have written eloquently about your memories of great adventures and fine times together at inns with those you love. And in your writing we understand that your experience is not only in the moment but also is relived over and over again. These travel memories are recalled repeatedly and add to the fullness of life you have created by that memory.

We can't wait to reveal these great properties and the innkeepers who make them so life-giving to their guests, our readers.  Deborah Sakach


Do you have a favorite inn to nominate as a candidate for the 2010 Top Ten Romantic Inn? We are reviewing all traveler comments in the final hunt for this year's award winners. If you known an inn that is truly outstanding and could be perceived as romantic by even the most stoic of folks, please search the inn on our site and "WRITE a REVIEW". It's very easy and takes just a couple minutes unless you are the poetic type who loves writing long pages. We are OK with either way. We just want to make sure that we don't miss a great inn so we are counting on you, our readers and B&B fans to clue us in. While we've been to hundreds of inns, we need  your help - it's a big country and there are 19,000 inns!

If you want to know what we look for click on the articles at the top of the home page in the  Top 10 Romantic Inns box. You'll be able to see if your inn has already been awarded Top 10 last year or in the 15 years prior to that. At the same time, you'll see the qualilty we are looking for.

When you go to your inn's listing, you'll see a "Write a Review" in red letters on the right hand side. Just click and start writing! Otherwise if  you can't find it send  your inn review to Jamee@iLoveInns.com  Our staff will be reading every review! 

Yesterday Scarlett Ammon called in and raved about the value of the Buy-One-Night-Get-the-Second-Night Free Bed & Breakfast program that we feature in our book.  She has  used our B&B program for 3  years now. She started laughing when she described how much she enjoyed every place she visited.

As owner of a popular Dallas travel agency and now retired, Scarlett knows value when she sees it.

"If people only knew how easy they are to use (the free night certificates) and how much they could save!!!"

She recently visited a Bed and Breakfast, Whispering Pines in Cripple Creek- in Colorado and said it was so fabulous! And in the free night program!!

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