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I loved this review  by Richard W. of an inn in Yarmouth Port because he put it so bluntly!

"We found the Liberty Hill Inn on the internet and for once it was exactly as described, the whole accommodation is well maintained and presented, you get a feeling of walking into your own house (with someone else doing the work)."


Think of walking up to this home and not even a touch of worrry about mowing the long and beautiful sweep of lawn!!! Liberty Hill Inn  


"John and Kris are great hosts, who made us feel welcome straight away. Breakfast lived up to the high standard already set by the rooms, they catered for my wife's Gluten Free diet by going the extra mile to prepare food especially for her (even at short notice). Couldn't find anything to fault and would certainly recommend it to anyone."

California bed and breakfast innkeeper Melinda R wrote us a note about how by staying at a bed and breakfast her daughter made the right college decision and has now happily graduated. (This also speaks to the problem of traveling on college road trips and how a poor motel colors the whole experience.) 

Here's what she said about the inn called, "The Grateful Bed".

Overall Rating: 5 hearts (5 out of 5)

I'm So Very Grateful!

on 06/06/10

When my 17 year old daughter wanted to look at the university in Chico, California, I was at a loss where to stay, and we ended up in a horrible motel, which tainted our visit to Chico State, even though we had a great tour and she loved the campus. After looking at other schools, I insisted on another visit, and this time I discovered The Grateful Bed. We instantly fell in love with the gorgeous Victorian home and their lovely grounds, the proximity to the campus was walking distance for us, but mostly it was the innkeepers, Carol & Rick that turned everything around. They knew the schedules for each activity, and ultimately the graduation dates, etc. My daughter told me that she immediately wanted to call them Aunt & Uncle, and I understood her feelings. I have never, and I mean never, had a better breakfast served so beautifully anywhere, anytime. We have continually visited their inn, and our entire family have stayed in every room. Ashley is now 24, and she has a BA with a dual teaching credential, which is only obtainable at Chico State, and we are still pinching ourselves how lucky we have been.

An Inn  is Like a Warm Hug

That's what Emberlyn N. recently wrote about her experince at Fensalden, a beautiful California inn on the North Coast.

"Staying here is like a WARM HUG! Easily overlooked because it is on the wrong side of the highway and your first thoughts would be that there is no ocean view, or at least not one worth looking at, but if you let that stop you not only would you be missing out on the incredible ocean views, but all of the wonders that this quaint inn has to offer".

100% Better Than Home

Island Guest House: My husband and I were married on LBI in October of 2008. We had our reception at the Island Guest House and enjoyed a relaxing and magical wedding weekend there with our entire family. Joanne and Mark truly make you feel at home. They are both exceptionally kind, caring and friendly people. The guest house itself is quaint, beautiful and always clean. It has that "charm" that so many of the historic homes on LBI have. Aside from looking great, the food is amazing. Joanne has a passion for cooking that is evident in the food she makes. Staying at the guest house is as comfortable as being at home-- only 100x better.  Gwen W. 

Most inns on www.iloveinns.com have reviews. Please consider writing a review about a Bed and Breakfast that you have visited. Other guests rely on these to make their choice AND we  have wonderful prizes for every tenth review that we receive.

Could this be why people who vacation live longer??? (Framington Heart Study)  This traveler gives some insight into a way she destresses.

"My two nights at 10 Fitch is still my "happy place" that I like to think about when things are stressful..." 

Two years ago, I spent two nights with my husband at 10 Fitch. It was my birthday, and we were in town for a family wedding. We cuddled by the fire, drank wine, and had a long bubble bath. The staff was wonderful and accomodating, we were coming in late from Chicago and they left us a key. The food was wonderful, and everything was sparkling clean. My two nights at 10 Fitch is still my "happy place" that I like to think about when things are stressful  in my life, and I really wish it was so much closer to where we  live. I look forward to the time I can come again, and to spending another romantic, lovely few nights within the walls.

We noticed this celebration that we thought was worthy to bring to your attention because it shows the uniqueness of this industry. Where else can you experience a 300-year-old home and specifically by living in it for a night or two. One of a kind travel like this is courtesy of generous innkeepers who want to share their historic inns with youu.

In 1710 Edward Denison and his family became the first occupants of the house that still bears his name. The oldest surviving structure in the historic Road District of Stonington, (Connecticut - near Mystic.) It's now the home of Another Second Penny Inn.

Since we don't know exactly what month the house was finished/"born" we're celebrating all year long ... Special Offer: 3 nights for $300.  Monday ~ Thursday nights all year except July and August.

Couldn't help but share this comment we received today from a long time user of iLoveInns.com. This fan was using our programs and books pre-online. - Deborah


"I think I completed 12 reviews today!  I started going to www.iLoveInns.com  (and American Historic Inns) bed and breakfasts I think about 20 years ago now!  The first time I got a Free Night certificate, it was on a cereal box--if you sent in so many box tops, you would get a certificate!  We started going to B and B's then and haven't stopped.  Some of our most memorable vacations have been while we stayed at a bed and breakfast.

I always look here first when traveling and carry the book with me on trips!   The buy one, get one free certificates are great fun to use and especially helpful in this economy!
Anyway, we love using I Love Inns!
Jackie Porcello

Start out with a bed and breakfast wedding and you will have laid the groundwork for an amazing one-of-a-kind wedding. With a little imagination and help from your innkeeper you can create a celebration of a lifetime.

Feather Tick'n Thyme B&B in New York State's Finger Lakes Wine Country offers a backyard wedding with the bride and groom launched in a  Hot Air Balloon floating over the inn's 220+ plus acres of rolling grassy hills. They can exchange wedding vows as their guests watch  from below.  Afterwards you can give your guests a "tethered ride" throughout the day.) 

Pearson's Pond near Juneau, Alaska offers wedding services in various venues, including on a glacier.There is also a combination Wedding + Dog Sledding Adventure and a combination  Wedding + Glacier Ice-Climbing Adventure.

More on bed and breakfast weddings: http://www.iloveinnweddings.com/hotspotscont.htm




Prizes -

Dear Friend and Bed and Breakfast Traveler, 
What is it about B&Bs and small inns that make people SO happy? With a long career in this industry, I have continued to reflect on this over the years. There is something so Life Giving in a getaway at a small inn.
I decided to start listening more deeply by daily reading the reviews that come into www.iloveinns.com.
About Mountain Brook Cottages. "Thank you for making us feel so welcomed. This Memorial weekend was the getaway of all getaways. We did not miss the phones or the TV. The nature walk was awesome! My husband and I have found each other again! We talked and laughed and enjoyed the little moments. Being so excited about our newly found get away, once I got in cell range sent pictures to all my girlfriends. Thank you so much." Y. M.
About the Allen House: "Simply put, the Allen House is the best. The coziness I felt here was just absurd. I stayed here 2 months ago and to this day I have failed to grasp how or why I enjoyed myself so much! It's ridiculous. Allen is friendly, eccentric and exceptional. His personality entwined with the Victorian setting made our time at the Allen House seem like more of the vacation than the time spent away from the Allen House. The breakfast is thoughtful. The discussions are fun. The attention to detail by Allen is unprecedented for an Inn. Overall, I feel like I have found a 'home' for my visits to western Mass. I plan to visit there 2 more times this year."
PLEASE THINK ABOUT EVERY INN YOU'VE EVER VISITED AND WRITE YOUR OWN REVIEWS - Prizes!! I personally will read every one AND I'll give a Free Night Certificate* to every 10th review that comes in on the www.iloveinns.com site. You can write 10 reviews and be guaranteed a Certificate Or if you happen to be the 10th review you'll win. (If we receive 1,000 reviews, we'll send out 100 Free Night* Certificates)  We will count in 10s.
In addition, I'll give a $200 Bed & Breakfast and Country Inn gift certificate by random selection at the end of June. 
Just go to the search box and look for the inns you visited. You'll see "write a review" in red on the right.

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