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My Speed Vacation

I recently went on a speed vacation (2 nights 3 days) in the middle of our book production at the office. This was one of those Hurry Up and Relzx situations and amazingly the innkeepers really delivered 9even though they didn't know this was my adjenda. I didn't either at the time.

The gorgeous Casitas in Arroyo Grande - 5 hours up the coast from San Juan Capistrano - I thought would give me a bit of adventure and getaway so I might be fresh to finish up the book when I returned. Their magical gardens and valley views soaked us in beauty and some kind of timelessness that resulted in me not being able to move from the view patio for 4 hours the second morning of our stay. Of course that was helped by being brought tall thermoses of coffee and tea and then a perfect soufflé, scones and more.

Pat and Tony chose a great selection of activities for us (at our request) and seemed to point us to the best of the best. In fact, we were surprised at the plethora of both adventure activities and wineries. We lunched under a rose arbor at one of the wineries, and then enjoyed a fabulous dune safari with Larry and his military Hummer The white sandy dunes, deep blue sea and sky, white surf and hazy blue ridgelines somehow soothed the soul from the Hummer in spite of pitching blindly down 70-foot high dunes or taking others sideways. We followed that extravaganza with a Melodrama in Oceano. Then home to the soft sheets and miraculous pillows of the magnificent bed in our Casita. We recommend a three-night stay since we left far too soon.
We think this review about the Beazley House from a recent guest epitomizes what there is about a B&B that creates so much more delight and satisfaction than staying at an upscale hotel.

"I loved my visit to the Beazley House. I was just driving through Napa and saw this

1. beautiful well-preserved stately historic house, and to my surprise it was a bed and breakfast. I stopped, went to the door, and was met by the innkeeper, Harry Orange, who instantly

2. made me feel very welcome and comfortable. I walked in the house and just started to relax. The master bedroom I stayed in was better then many of the suites I have stayed at in up-scale hotels. But,

3. in addition, I loved the library and sitting room, the brandy decanter (filled with brandy) and the cookie jar filled with the awesome special Beazley House home cooked chocolate chip cookies - I enjoyed a little of both. I sat in their shady backyard with

4. lots of beautiful trees, plants, and flowers; and read for several hours because it was so relaxing and peaceful. I was there on the 4th of July, so at 9:00 pm I

5. just walked down the street
to the bridge over the river and watched the fireworks - so much fun. Then when I awoke I went downstairs and met the owners Jim and Carol Beazley, who were making

6. a fantastic full-course breakfast. But in addition to the great food they cooked, the were

7.so kind and enjoyable
to talk to. I loved my two night stay at the Beazley house and I will be sure to stay there any time I am in the area. It truly was a breath of fresh air for me." Terry S.

Plan to celebrate an anniversary with a stay at a Bed and Breakfast, Here are some tips to make it a memory you and your loved one will cherish.

1. Choose the most scenic, activity-rich area you can think of

2. Read reviews of other guests and read for unique experiences to see if there is a pattern of great joy expressed such as in the comment below

3. Go the second mile and ask the innkeepers to make suggestions of surprises you might select for your mate.

Bowman's Bed and Breakfast in the Wisconsin Dells: "We stayed at Bowman's for our 40th Anniversary celebration early in July, and what an experience it was!! The majestic grounds take your breath away when you first enter the property. Every detail has "The Personal Touch", the birdhouses, gardens too many to list. We were amazed at the warm family porch, dining area, kitchen, living room and the selection of rooms. ...I let my wife sleep in, and went to the kitchen about 5:35AM to find our host, cooking multiple pots of coffee/tea with the entire dining area set up for all the (10) guests. I enjoyed the wonderful conversation, and took a cup of outstanding coffee for a walk in the garden-area. The breakfast, was TOO GOOD To be True,. Everything fresh, home-made, sitting in the Dining room with the adjacent immacuate Kitchen sharing it's aromas with the sounds of birds outside. We only stayed one night, and we were both sorry we did not stay at least three or more!! Great B&B, Great Hosts, Lot's to do in the Dells, The entire experience was PERFECT, = 5 Stars. The Sullivan's Bonnie/Bob from Wisconsin.

Summertime & the Living is Easy  (for the guest!)
A diligent, gracious and well-seasoned bed and breakfast and country inn staff make it possible for the busiest family to take a step back from the madness and find fun for the kids, pampering for the adults and a lifetime of memories they can all enjoy.
Innkeepers are at maximum function during the summer so that their guests can take the fullest pleasure from their time away. We found this review for Monmouth Plantation, a Natchez, Mississippi inn  and wanted to share it because it says a lot about what innkeepers .
"My family and I are still feeling the glow of wonderful Monmouth!  We visited in June and it was extraordinary! Lani and Ron Riches have created not only a five star hotel (which is no easy feat on its own), but they have worked tirelessly to ensure that this house that belonged to General John A. Quitman, former governor of Mississippi, is also included on the prestigious National Register of Historic Places.
"If you are a history buff, you're going to love this hotel with its attention to detail - portraits, letters, and antique artifacts. You just breathe in the fragrance of the history here. And you can do so while sipping a freezing mint julep in a silver cup either in the secluded Quitman Study or in the company of the other friendly guests, eating from an inspired Southern menu that has caught the notice of the James Beard House in New York.
"The staff, some of whom have been working at Monmouth for over 20 years, are so very welcoming and accommodating. During the day, our boys, 11 year old twins, went fishing with the poles provided by the guide and caught a number of fine fish. In the evening, they dined on their own in the main-house parlor while we took our time with the full five course tasting meal in the dining room. 
"Monmouth is a very special place and the Riches's hospitality sees to it that every guest feels pampered, right down to the lovely talcum powder in a vintage pewter bottle in the bathroom. June is warm, but with Spanish moss dripping from the large trees and frogs croaking and crickets chirping, it was mesmerizing. Ladies, you could become "soft teacakes with frostings of sweat and sweet talcum," but it is sixty years later and your hosts at Monmouth have the air-conditioning and iced tea just right."  Lexy L., Michael U.

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