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I was delighted to see a new use of technology at a B&B, Garth Woodside Mansion in Hannibal, Missouri - you know - where Tom Sawyer had his start. In fact, Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) actually slept here.

Julie the innkeeper has opened her kitchen to all the world to see. When I first looked, there she was, the Julie I knew and loved, taller than ever and making appetizers in a gorgeous professional kitchen. She was slicing and dicing, moving and groving and arranging. A few days later, I received an email one evening from a friend - a Missourian I had shared the video with, who informed me - "they are eating pizza tonight!"

Check out Garth's kitchen here.

Frequent visitors to the kitchen are past guests who have increased their reservations of late and although the web cam has been installed for just a few months, it is getting tons of views, far surpassing expectations.

Jacob Hill near Providence Rhode Island Answers Prayer

Shocked (in a good way) by Today's Bed and Breakfast

To make a long story short, In my typical fashion, "work first, oops its my anniversary again second", I found myself once again in an awkward situation. It was Wednesday and I forgot all about our five year. She did not. A friend said, you should take her to a BnB. I typically stay

at upscale hotels for business and pretty much just sleep there so I never even thought of this as an option. Well I called and was able to

make a reservation and I am sure glad I did. Bill and El were extremely accomodating from the moment I placed the call till our arrival and throughout the stay. This was an experience I was not used to and has definately changed my mind about what a BnB is. I assumed I would be sharing a bathroom with other people, not even close, We had a spacious room with a huge jacuzzi tub. We arrived five minutes outside the city, turned up a hill and bam and we were smack dab in the middle of a historic hunt club. It had the old world charm with all the modern amenities and luxury that I would expect. Bill and El were courteous and provided just the right amount of welcoming but also made sure of our privacy as well.

So what started out as a last minute hail mary turned out to be one of the most romantic experiences that I can remember. What started out as our fifth wedding anniversary quickly felt like it was our first in this hidden gem outside of Providence.

Speed Vacations: People Want to Hurry Up and Relax

Well I never realized just how much I am a part of the crazy busy culture until my friend Linda talked m e into a three-day two-night vacation up the Central Coast of California - Arroyo Grande/Pismo Beach, specifically. We stayed two nights - all we could squeeze out of our collection of committments. Driving five hours each way for only two nights isn't my favorite kind of getaway.

But I did relax and had experiences that refreshed me - such as taking a 40-foot beach dune in a miliary Hummer - something I never knew I wanted to do.

Travel researcher Peter Yesowich in a conference speech in Hilton Head commented on today's travelers. "The rise of e-mail has added an hour to the average workday, increasing travelers' desire to get away for "speed vacations" that allow them to "hurry up and relax." "Time is the commodity of greatest value."

If you do find yourself with only two nights allocated for a getaway, a bed and breakfast such as the seven-acre Casitas of Arroyo Grande with lots of pampering in a gorgeous setting. Though in the middle of summer, we relished the woodburning kiva fireplaces, a perfect remedy for the California summer of discontent (June gloom lasting through August along the coast). Stunning gardens everywhere framed views of the valley and fed our souls.

If you do get stuck in this kind of culture of hurrying up to relax, choose a bed and breakfast and make sure it's in a nature-rich setting and you will stretch your time because sometimes two days at a beautiful inn will give the benefits of a five night stay. Better yet, hold out for MORE seven-day vacations.

Janita R. must be a great mom to have if you are just becoming a teen. Here is what she wrote about taking her daughter to the Brewster Inn of Dexter, Maine.

"My husband and I have stayed at the Brewster Inn before, so it was an easy choice when I was looking for a place to spend a couple days with my daughter. Actually this was the second time I've come to the Brewster Inn with a daughter. We celebrate passage into the teen years with a Mother/Daughter Retreat. This was such an excellent place to do that because the rooms are beautiful and the atmosphere is relaxed. We had plenty of room to do our activities and loved the special "Hot Chocolate" treat we got in the evening. We also loved the breakfast and kind words from our hosts. We will definitely be back!"

Making the effort to get away is not always easy but it is such a definitive way to honor another. I've had the privilege of doing this as well and it is a fine memory for everyone. When innkeepers like those at this Maine bed and breakfast add their kind words they serve as a witness to the event or occasion and enhance its meaning as well. 

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