My Guests Still Thank Me - Said the Bride about this Bed & Breakfast

Bed and breakfast inns often host Weddings and here's why this is one of the most relaxing and most memorable wedding venue.  First of all, an inn is unlike any other inn so it is a unique, one of a kind experience. Second, it tends to be a lot less stress for the bride and the family, especially if they are staying at the inn the evening before the wedding. Then there's all the many extras that inns include - use of their parlor for photos for instance, or the rose garden, waterfall etc. Often there's no one else at the inn so it is exclusively private.

 I'll never forget staying at a 5-diamond deluxe hotel (OK I had to break down and stay in a chain because there was no small inn option in that location.) There was a wedding of a well known couple held on the lawn. Unfortunately, those of us who didn't know them could hear every word and see the entire wedding from our rooms. Even if we didn't want to, the sound system vows and all permeated the rooms. I felt very sorry for the couple's lack of privacy.

But here is the number one reason an inn makes a great wedding venue, as told by this self-proclaimed demanding bride - the guests keep thanking you long after the wedding is over.

"My husband and I were very fortunate to be married at the Southern Mansion in magical Cape May, NJ on April 17, 2010. This review has been a long time coming. Words cannot express how lovely we feel the Mansion is nor how wonderful, kind, organized and professional Andreea the Wedding Coordinator is. Those close to me describe me as meticulous, particular, obsessive and demanding. I made calls and wrote numerous emails to Andreea as well as to Denise, the B & B Manager. Consistently, they responded promptly and answered my questions (i.e., do you think this dish is better than the other dish, which tastes better, which is the best dessert, what do you think of my flowers, etc...). Andreea deserved a drink or two after dealing with me!  Even during unexpected occurrences, such as a change of room, cancelled and rescheduled reservations, they were on top of it all! Andreea truly made my day everything and more than what I had expected or imagined.

My guests still thank me for having invited them to my wedding, as they had such a great time. They loved everything about it, the place, the management, and the food!  It was a great reassurance to know that on such a stressful day for any bride, Andreea took care of everything, leaving me without unnecessary worries.

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