Bed & Breakfast Experience Gives Retirement Home Loved Ones Life & Joy

What an exciting gift!

Gift to my Mother-in-Law (her 91st birthday), who lives in a nearby retirement center, was a weekend at Mileybright Farmhouse...a "Stay-cation" in Decatur! My husband and I were able to host her in the beautiful two-bedroom suite, and she felt that she was treated like a queen! She was greeted as a VIP by Diana and Joe Simon, and was so captivated by her surroundings. Since she had lived in the area previously, she enjoyed reminiscing about the people and places surrounding her. Sittin' and swingin' on the front porch was so relaxing, and she enjoyed meeting the other guests at the Farmhouse -- We all gathered in the living room to serenade her for her birthday!
Our kitchen was stocked with great breakfast foods and fresh artisan breads from the Farmers Market! The living area was beautifully appointed, included a fireplace, dining table,Wifi, Direct TV connection, and interesting vintage furniture and lamps...very, very, very clean! We also had access to the washer/dryer in this apartment, as well as a small veranda off the back overlooking the vegetable and herb garden.
Diana and Joe provided history, photos, etc. of the Farmhouse...and gave us useful maps and directions to places of interest -- don't miss the Decatur Diner. What a wonderful experience for us, and we plan to party again at Mileybright.

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